Why can't I play matchmaking?

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So I logged in tonight, hoping to play some 1v1 on the ladder. However, I'm not able to; it says that I must upgrade my account to access this content. This is really weird and has never happened to me before, so I'm wondering what's up here.
I'm experiencing the same thing on EU and NA. If I join a party, all the buttons disappear entirely instead of just greying out.
I am getting this as well, I notice there's a locked icon when you try to search and it tells me to upgrade my game.
I have 2 accounts and both are saying I need to upgrade. I only have access to limited features.
News says that they need to solve an issue relates to matchmaking. And then restart the service. Hope it will be fine soon.
Same issue, but mine said there were 2 logged in at a same time. After that match making is locked.
I can't play any more.
I thought my account is hacked so I reset my account, but it didn't fix the issue.
Same here.
I have the same issue; during my last 1v1 game, it became really laggy, which normally doesn't happen much. After the game finished, I only had the option to play 3v3. After I played one round of that, all the options were locked, like mentioned above. Annoying.

Hopefully it gets fixed soon :)
I just wanted to play Starcraft Blizzard. Give me that one pleasure.
I still haven't seen any resolve or announcement related to this issue yet.
the game says it requires me to upgrade my existing game version to unlock matchmaking

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