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I have been receiving this error message on the desktop app: Error Code:BLZBNTBNA000003E8 (1130).

Also, at the same time this started happening, every time i launch starcraft it pops up a window that reads Connecting to streaming server and sits without opening starcraft, the only way i can get starcraft to launch is to cancel the window. What is this? Is it normal? What do I need to do to fix the issue? Thank you in advance.
Have you tried doing everything listed here?
yes, but the problem persists
Do you play any other Blizzard games? If you do are they working okay?
In addition to KillerofGods' suggestions, I'd also check the "Automatically Detect Settings" in Internet Explorer. Is it unchecked? If not, I'd uncheck it to see if that helps. This option can be found in Internet Explorer > Tools > Internet Options > Connections > LAN settings. Also make sure that "Use Automatic Configuration Script" and "Use a Proxy Server" are unchecked.

Have you also tried resetting IE and browsing to a random website, let it fully load and start the game again to see if that fixes the issue? In IE navigate to Tools (or Alt + T) > Internet Options > Advanced tab > click the Reset button.

If none of the above mentioned suggestions work, then it may be possible that a 3rd party application running in the background is conflicting with the normal functioning of the App and the game. As a test, I'd also try booting the computer into Selective Startup mode and try the game again to see if that helps. Instructions are here:

Selective Startup

Sometimes, an anti-virus program can still be running despite of disabling its service. Instead of disabling the security software on your system, you could also try to temporarily uninstall them to see if it helps and after you are done, reinstall them again.
Deanx, thank you a bunch, for some reason i had the use a proxy server enabled, i never enabled it but i guess i accidentally did somewhere along the line. i disabled it and everything has gone back to normal. thank you.

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