3v3 RT Master ranking disappeared?

Technical Support
i logged on today at 10:07 pm ET...

when i went to ladder (my ladder of choice lately has been 3v3 RT, in which i was ranked 4th master league). and not only is the 3v3 on the search bar reading in very small print "three vs three" instead of 3v3 or 4v4 like the other clickable ladder icons, but my ladder completely disappeared, and it says i have to play 5 placement matches.

this is the second time in like 2 weeks ladder has been acting weird...just wondering if this is a known issue or if my ladder just got gobbled up and is not available anymore.
Everything working OK for you now, KILLorD? Looking at your profile, I see that you are ranked 2nd in the Master league now.

If not, I'd give the Scan and Repair utility a try.

Repairing Blizzard Games

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