cant log in "awaiting response"

Technical Support
im posting for a friend located in northern California in the boonies.

he cannot login to bnet or the forums

he gets "awaiting response from bnet" and time outs trying to log into forum to post here.

I am in Arizona and am having no problems.

any ideas or issues going on?
Hey JediMaster,

Is your friend using a wireless connection? If he is on a wireless connection, would it be possible to connect straight to the modem using an ethernet cable?

Make sure that security software is configured as described here:

Firewall, Proxy, Router and Port Configuration

If that doesn't fix the issue, he may want to temporarily uninstall all security programs (firewall as well as any antivirus software such as BitDefender, Avast, AVG etc.), then turn the router/modem off for a couple of minutes and flush the DNS Resolver Cache as described on the following support page:

IP Release, Renew, and Flush DNS

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