Multiple recurring problems

Technical Support
I've been experiencing several problems of late, a few which are new and quite aggravating, and some which are quite old be never seem to be resolved.

First: As of the past 12 hours I keep getting errors such as "SC2MASTER_UNKNOWN_MMQ_HANDLE"
and "The game server has timed out" whenever I try to join a matchmaking game. And on the launcher I receive an intermittent error message saying something like "two conflicting
actions happened at the same time."

Second: The old errors that I've been getting quite often for the past 2 1/2 years are as such: being unable to select any game mode except for 3vs3, being unable to select any game mode or race at all, and all text replaced with "lorem ipsum."

These errors have all seemed to start as of today and all combined have made it entirely impossible to play at all.

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