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Then MMM came along, and tanks became obsolete.
Excellent post to get people started.
Is getting max around 17 minute mark good in silver league?
07/05/2013 11:32 PMPosted by Muffinmaker
Is getting max around 17 minute mark good in silver league?

You should be less concerned about the time it takes you to max out, then the WAY you max out. You might be able to max out sooner, maybe later. It all depends on your build.

Did you get supply blocked? Did your macro suffer? Did you leave out your 3'rd expo to get that 200/00 quicker?

I've had games where I maxed out, and then games I didn't, because I was engaging every few minutes and my troops were getting whittled down. But my macro was in place well so I was able to rebuild quicker then my opponent. That is the key right there: It is not about maxing out quickly, its about being better then you enemy, able to rebuild quicker, and thus, win the game.
Great guide! most thorough guide I have seen. I like that it leaves the builds open but I suppose it would be worth mentioning what some of them are so people know what to look up. If we're going for maximum completeness.

I love the combination of banshee, thor, and marines to counter those mutas and such. My problem is that mutas are too fast. I can have a good counter to the mutas but more often than not the mutas take out all my workers if I do anything other than leave my forces at my mineral line. I attack boom mutas. I control my entrance and not leave forces near my mineral line 34/7. boom mutas. I have a hard time getting around mutas ability for map control.
I wrote this guide almost three years ago, so some of the strategies I listed might not be viable at high levels anymore. The main point of them was to make you think and realize that you don't have to be stuck on certain build paths. I have tried to get back in to 1v1's again in order to get good replays and strategies to you guys, but my heart just isn't in it anymore. I'm going to stay retired from 1v1's.

But, since you mentioned Mutas, I'd like to say something about that real quick: The key to dealing with muta harass is to realize that is in fact just that....harass. Mutas suck in a straight up fight vs marines with medivac support. The goal of a Zerg going muta is to use them to keep you bouncing back and forth between your bases, holding you in place while they expand and get to their 5 base comfort zone and steam roll you.

The reason Muta/Ling/Bling was and still is so effective is that the lings and blings cleaned up most of your marines, opening the mutas to come in and clean house. If enough marines survived, you would watch the mutas melt in seconds. It all came down to splitting and microing.

But dealing with mutas harass is a necessary skill. You MUST scout. You MUST scan tech. If you see lair and no tech, assume mutas. Get 2-3 turrets per line. Some people say not to waste 300 minerals, but trust me if mutas show up unexpected, you will lose much more than that. If a Zerg rushed mutas, he is weak at home. Usually the timings for mutas to pop is between 9-12 minutes. You should have an engy bay ready by that time. If you can make a good push at 13-14 minutes, you will catch him just finishing droning his third. His army size will still be small because he is counting on the mutas to hold you at your base. Don't let them. You can push in and kill or damage him, or you can leave a few marines around the turrets to help fending them off if you want to go defensive. Late game, a thor around each turret will help with the large flocks. But tick tock, tick tock...each minute the game lasts tips the balance in the zerg's favor.

TL;DR- Mutas are simply good harass units. Don't let them hold you at your base. Push in and kill them
This is actually pretty interesting, Ty WinterBornRH
thank you! Was a big help. Great post.
I disagree. I use tanks quite a bit and like to run marines, tanks, banchees for early mid game. If the game goes longer I usually get out of tanks and make thors instead but a few good tanks at your base can make or break the game.
Great post even if it was two years ago, because a lot of what you said still applies.

After reading this I feel pretty good about my game because it is pretty much what I am doing now.
When I looked over the long post, I thought it would be a waist of time to read. Today I have actually taken the time to read it, and have come to realize that you have pretty much explained everything that I have done wrong in my game play. I would never think of the costs of the units and structures I am building to create steady spending. I had made it to Gold League one time, but it was out of luck. I hadn't reached gold since, but now I know why. Thank you for putting your time into explaining how to Macro more efficiently.
2.3.2: Taking your Third Expo

Another problem I see is lot of players get focused on the two base pushes. They get their second fine, then they charge out and attack, attack, ATTACK..... and all of a sudden, they start getting "Not enough minerals" and they can't build as much. That's because while they were so busy attacking, their main mined out, and they are back to one base income. This is the second huge mistake people make, and it can cost you the game. I know it's cost me...many times before I learned. I'm going to spend some time here because it is so important.

Remember when I said that a macro game is about planning? This is an important part of it: Knowing when and how to take your third expo. This is harder than your natural, because the 3'rd expo is almost always harder to defend. And the map you are playing on is going to factor heavily into how you secure your expo, and the way you have to change your game play to compensate. You always want to be on at least two bases throughout the game.

Regardless of the map, you have to expand soon after your natural gets fully saturated, because you main will run out shortly. You MUST be on three bases before that happens. The minute you hear "Mineral Field Depleted" or you see missing patches from your main you need to start building your third near your natural, and behind your army.

There are two types of maps when it comes to third expos: easy, and hard difficulty to defend

Easy Maps:

These maps are where your third expo is close by your main and natural, and map control is easy. For example: Steppes of War, Delta Quadrant, and Shakuras Plateau all have close 3'rd expos, and there is middle ground that you can take and make it hard for your enemy to slip around you and hurt your economy. Quite frankly, Shakuras is a macro gamers dream, providing you keep an eye on the back door.

Lost Temple can also be considered an easy map, because the entrance to the gold is right next to your main and natural entrance, making it easy to set up a front line at the nearby tower, depending on your opponent's positioning. But it can also be hard if close positions force you to expand far away from your base.

On easy maps, you can expand with limited worry. You will probably have to cut unit production for a brief time, but over all your general game play does not have to change. You do need to extend your front line further out though. You cannot simply sit in your base.

Hard Difficulty Maps:

These maps are where your third expo is close to your base usually, but there are several path ways around the map, making defending both the 3'rd and the natural harder.

Metalopolis is one of the easier to defend harder maps, because even though there are 2 paths to your 3'rd/natural, you can react very quickly to both places. But what makes these maps difficult is the fact that when you push one side, they could push the other side and you can get in a base trade situation, which is bad for the macro game. This is where map control of the towers becomes important, and why you need to stay on top of his army by saving energy for scans.
I have trouble with deleting hotkeys. I mean to put my barracks on 4 but accidentally put it on 2, which messes up my macro. How could i delete 2 and select them on 4?
soooooo much
Easy all you need to do is select the barrack and press Ctrl+Alt and click 4 then that would do the job
12/20/2010 03:26 PMPosted by WinterBornRH
I know this is an insane wall of text, but its my hope that this helps out whoever reads it. If this post helps one person take their game to the next level, then it'll be worth the time spent working on it.

I've been a fan of the Diablo franchise since the late '90s, and so, based on my positive experience Diablo, I decided to look into a another Blizzard franchise and picked up SC2.

Prior to SC2 my only experience with RTS was C&C on the N64, so you can see how inexperienced I am with this genre.

I played through the campaign, which was a blast. I then started playing Co-op vs. AI with my brother-in-law because his barbarian is still stuck in Nightmare difficulty, so that wasn't an option, and I wasn't about to DL League of Legends.

Well, needless to say, I felt like dead weight. We were just facing two medium AI opponents but I felt like my brother-in-law was carrying me on his back. :(

Now, I'm very active on the Demon Hunter forums, thus I know how helpful the stickies in class forums are. So I came over here, read this post several times, mulled over it this past week, and, finally, put my learning to action this evening when my brother and sister-in-law came over (the wives made egg rolls and we played SC2, I call that a win win ;) ). Anyways, let me tell you, the results were fantastic, at least as far as I'm concerned. I actually pulled my own weight (we upped the difficulty to 2 random Hard opponents; yeah that's how much I was holding him back). Furthermore, after a couple games I started coming out on top with regard to the player score.

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