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hey blizzard, fail on the offline play. k thanks bye.
Reading some other Threads...
If you check "remember me" you can play without wire. But as soon as you shut off your PC you have to do it all over again.
Tested last night. Was able to log in to someones wifi. Logged in and then logged out but made sure i had the remember me checked. Turned off the wifi and was good to go....this morning however turned my PC back on and had to do it all over again.
This is ridiculous!!!. Blizzard could you please just update the original SC to work for windows vista and I will just buy that and won't care about playing SC2. I hardly ever used battlenet before. While it is cool. I used to enjoy playing SC while riding my excrcise bike. I don't have internet at home. I gotta go to coffee shops and $#!t to play SC2.

I would've stayed with SC had I known this and if it worked for vista. You guys took my hard earned $$$$!!!!

develop a patch for this ASAP.
connect to the game on the net but make sure before you go offline that you have the single player button pushed in the upper left corner before you log out. Then the next time you go to play offline it will work. It does for me anyway. If I don't I can not connect either.
Offline mode has been buggy for me since day one. I normally have a really good broadand connection, but lately its been spotty and today was out for more than 8 hours. Offline mode didn't work. It said I needed to authorize my game. Didn't I do that during the install or the last time I played online? I played online not more than 24 hours ago, and successfully played offline mode 5 hours before that. The latest patch did NOT fix anything. I understand requiring an internet connection for multiplayer and at least some sort of authentication is a must. However, if you are not going to include a LAN mode, a properly working offline mode, or a way to play a whole folder full of local custom maps without an internet connection, I feel like I am getting ripped off. ISP's don't alays have a 100% uptime, or perfect latency, even with many broadband connections. Why not require a 1 time authentication during install and leave it at that? I also wonder why you can't have a way to hide yourself when online... sometimes I go into offline mode so I am not bothered by requests to play. Sometimes I enjoy a little quiet AI practice time. I am nearly ready to dump the game and move on to something else. SC2 gameplay: love it, SC2 internet tethering and gamelay restrictions: ready to boycott Blizz forever. Seriously ticked off right now.
These people that are saying its working have not rebooted their computers even the log in as guest crap is crap. Once you reboot your computer and clear main (volatile) memory. You have to log on to to play Single player. The only thing I found that works is hibernate. I really could care less about ACHIEVEMENTS e.t.c. I just like to play the computer and I was willing to pay the extra cost. But when I found out that the offline play is a bogus scheme of control. I was very disappointed. I so wish I could get my money back for this junk. Again, they were not specific about the internet play required. scam of control!

I will never buy blizzard products again and I've already warned alot of my friends about it. So, they don't waste their money. $60.00 for some of us is a lot of money. There are to many other games out there that are just as good and some older ones that are worth replay that don't take your money and laugh at you and you actually own the game. Think about it folks. WE ARE BEING PUNISHED AND PAYING FOR IT!!! I see the complaints keep rising and rising. We the people can put blizzard out of business for this. Don't buy this junk from now on. Let them know who really is in control. Its really not about the money. They already have plenty of it! I hope blizzard redeems themselves buy fixing this fascist policy because they think that piracy is the problem. Its about greed and control and its wormed its way in the gaming industry and who actually suffers in the end? US... THE CONSUMER.
Think about it folks. I know there are some older people out there that that know the process.
Either give us our money back or fix this crap!

completely ridiculous that I should have to login to battlenet to play offline. It keeps prompting me to do so. Then when I try to click play as guest it says I need to have a character created in battlenet. How exactly do you do that when offline exactly? BOOOO! didn't start happening until the last patch for me. It's weak sauce and I'm disappointed.
!*%* BATTLENET!!!!!!!!!!!

I had no idea when I bought this !*%*ing game that I would be pushed to play online so much! I bought this game knowing I'd be moving to a house w/out internet, that 60 bucks should have been spent on ramen and mac and cheese.

I can't believe I payed for this! Nothing pisses me off more then purchasing a product completely legit, and then finding out I do not own said product in any way shape or form. It's like buying a coat but not being allowed to wear it outside the store.

This is !*%*ing retarded!
I really hope this gets addressed in a patch soon. While I'm fortunate enough to have a more-or-less stable internet connection, some of my friends are not. One lives at a house that does not have an internet connection at all, so even after bringing his whole PC over to my house to authenticate his account, he still can't play offline in his own home because of this issue. It's got to be extremely frustrating to pay $60 for a game and then not be allowed to play it.

Please fix this ASAP.
I'm sure Blizzard knows of this problem but they're too lazy to fix it.
I mean, before their most recent patch, most people were able to play offline right, so why not just revert to patch 1.0.2 if that revision was working for more people? It seems like a hell of a lot more people are having this problem in the most recent patch.
The last patch I got claimed to fix the offline playing problem and did not. I still get the same message that I need to go to and have at least 1 character. I have all of this, downloaded the "patch" and am still having the same problem. Is there something that I need to do to the game itself or a cache somewhere to fix this?
My bro bought the game, and his house does not currently have internet (he's getting it next week or so when the people come over). He came to activate it at my house, and we played at bit on my other account. He took it back home and can not log on in "offline" mode.

Its kind of funny, Blizzard treats they're legit customers like %@@# with these terribly implemented DRM schemes, while theres tons of sites, with pirates who could give 2 %@@#s about doing the right thing actually being able to play, something legit customers spent money on.

Just found it funny. The very people who crappy DRM schemes like this were made for, are allowed to circumvent it anyways, leaving paying customers to suffer.

Whats the point in activating the account? Most every game list a internet requirement, but all of them do not need it constantly.
Obviously not since I just had my internet go out and it still gives me the error.
I'm having the same problem! Thanks Blizzard for finally admitting that there was a problem
when is this patch going to be available. I haven't been able to play for a week! I'm going through withdraws!
I was in the middle of making a custom map. Spent a long time on it too. Kind of looking forward to finishing it. I'm normally not an anti-corporate kind of person, but I can't help but feel like this isn't an "accidental glitch"
Does Downloading and installing the Full Game Client* help to play offline , for now i only care for the Campaign and single player mode.

does any one here think the phrase "false advertisement" and "law suit" are enough to bring a Blizzard rep to answer...

Ok, so i decided that verizon FIOS was just screwing me over in price, adding on fees, and adding services which were not authorized and enough was enough.! Reluctantly dropping service knowing i woldnt be able to play my beloved World of Warcraft...sobs...No matter, i recently purchased SC2 and only like tha campaign mode anyway....I'll play that while I find another internet service provider...

What's this?!?! I opt to play offline, only to find out i must be connected to the internet for offline play? Am I doing something wrong or do i really have to be connected for offline play? I understand there is patches, and, etc. , but if im not connected to the internet, shouldnt i be allowed to continue my campaign offline? I could still continue Diablo campaigns offline (old i know) but this is what im stuck with for now...

Sorry to ramble, but my question is, is it possible to play "offline" at all, or am I completely screweed until i find an internet provider? (Comcast & Verizon BOTH have been absolutly awful with service, and customer service) Any help would be appreciated, im a complete Starcraft noob, so i have no clue..

P.S. Yes, i played for several days online, and have since went to another computer to do the "create a character or adjust settings on your account" (which seems kinda silly seeing as this is a for OFFLINE PLAY) after dropping my internet service, and nothing has changed...Once i try to play offline, its telling me the same thing id did before i went and did whatever it asked on my Battle net accnt... PLZ HELP!!!

As this game is considered software, all stores (that ive been too) have a ZERO return/refund policy...I like the game and would just prefer to keep it and be able to play, but if the issue isnt being addressed-Blizz plz refund meh duckets!
Ok, so there is a patch coming out to fix this. How long is this gonna take? I already havnt played my game in 2 weeks
I have the same problem...but my brother who also lives with me does not. He is able to play offline mode when our internet goes out due to storms and such but I am not able too which is weird. Maybe it has to do with my download or client?

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