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I'm currently having problems patching Starcraft II. I had to go to a friends and create this character because I have to have an account to post on forums.
-Windows Firewall Exceptions
-Internet Explorer to autodetect proxy settings (tried ticked and unticked)
-New user with administrator status
-Restarting the computer
-Calling support getting a "all lines are busy at the moment. Please try again later."
-Emailing support with no reply after 6 hours
-Running the game as an admin
-Reinstalling with my friends DVD
-Running Repair provided by Blizzard and coming up empty
Screenshot provided:
What happens:
It opens the screen shown and does nothing. Tried force starting with SC2Switcher.exe but it says it requires a patch and brings up the same screen.

I have windows vista and a laptop to easily run the game on medium-high settings
found this a bit ago and it helped me, you cant run the patching on anything other than IE.

Ok, for some ridiculous reason the patch installer wants to go through Internet Explorer instead of Mozzila Firefox, so what you need to do is install internet explorer (Windows 7 users already have it), and if you're like me, your IE explorer brings up an error page as default. Go to "tools" in the IE menu, then scroll down to "internet options". Next, go to the "Connections" tab, then click on the "Lan Settings" button. Click "Automatically Detect Settings"....your IE explorer should now default open to a web page. Now, start starcraft 2, and the patch will no longer infinitely loop.
I have the same problem on my XP Media Center SP3. I already have IE installed and I do not get an indefinite loop. My updating splash screen just does nothing. There is no prompt to ask me if I want to download a patch or anything so there is no loop.
to zero: that is called proxy settings, I listed as trying that. Still no luck

still need help... bump
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