Known Issues 3.5 [Updated: 8/4/16]

Bug Report
UI and Online
  • New – Joining or Creating a game when viewing Map Info from Arcade Join does not work
  • New – Sending whispers can state that a player is not online when they are.
  • New – Sometimes the wrong amount of placement games is displayed.
  • New – Grandmaster ladder pages are sometimes not updating correctly.
  • Players can have Undefined MMR in Grandmaster.
  • Archon Grandmaster list do not display any members even though players are ranked Grandmaster.
  • Players are able to be promoted into Grandmaster after playing less than 10 games.
  • Viewing other people's MMR through the division page in the profile shows incorrectly scaled MMR if they've only played one game.
  • Player status in the friends list can sometimes fail to update correctly.
  • Players can become stuck in a Versus A.I. queue if a player drops from the party before entering the queue. Remove the player from the party to resolve this issue.
  • Players attempting to view a group can be redirected to a different group.
  • Some players cannot leave their SC2 clan or group.
  • Navigating to the Arcade Bookmarks can cause an endless loading screen when too many maps are bookmarked.
  • Engine/Game Systems
  • New Some players are experiencing tournament issues where they win but are not advancing forward in the tournament.
  • Some players are experiencing performance issues when playing on Train of the Dead Mutation Challenge.
  • Game Content
  • New – (Nova Mission Pack 2) The Glutton For Punishment mastery achievement text does not mention that it must be completed on Hard difficulty or higher.
  • Completing the Void Campaign sometimes does not unlock the Epilogue missions. Some workarounds are available.
  • Editor
  • New – Maps and mods get stuck on "Constructing Header File" while attempting to publish to the EU region.
  • Mac
  • A brief dark flash can rarely appear during the Void Launch Co-Op mission.
  • Issues that Should Be Resolved
  • It's possible for a player and a referee to simultaneously pause the game, requiring both player and referee to resume the game.
  • Attempting to watch a replay of an Arcade map can sometimes result in an error.
  • Abathur's Swarm Host Locusts do not gain the Biomass buffs when Locusts are spawned via autocast.
  • Kerrigan levels are sometimes lost when using the Heart of the Swarm Master Archives.
  • The enemy units guarding the final beacon do not retaliate against the Zerg forces in the Enemy Intelligence mission.
  • Nova can become invisible if she dies right as you complete the first half of the Enemy Intelligence mission.
  • Coop loading screen displays a mastery level of 0 for commanders under level 15.
  • A few inconsistencies appear for the Raven's ability tooltips.
  • There is a missing doodad in a Nova mission cutscene.
  • Campaign "Continue" button can send player to Archives after completing third Nova mission.
  • The Banshee and Goliath units may be missing from the Nova campaign mission Trouble In Paradise when played for the first time.
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