Known Issues 3.8 [Updated: 11/23/16]

Technical Support
General Issues

UI and Online
  • New – Some players are not being placed in contender or being promoted to Grandmaster despite meeting the requirements.
  • Players can have Undefined MMR in Grandmaster.
  • Players are able to be promoted into Grandmaster after playing less than 10 games.
  • Viewing other people's MMR through the division page in the profile shows incorrectly scaled MMR if they've only played one game.
  • Players attempting to view a group can be redirected to a different group.
  • Some players cannot leave their SC2 clan or group.
  • Game Content
  • Completing the Void Campaign sometimes does not unlock the Epilogue missions. Some workarounds are available.
  • Editor
  • Maps and mods get stuck on "Constructing Header File" while attempting to publish to the EU region.
  • Issues that Should Be Resolved

  • New – Swann's Laser Drill can fire at a target off the map.
  • Save game files can get stuck taking players back to archives after completing FlashPoint.
  • Zagara's Bile Launchers are not dealing damage.
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