This is a Zergling and Zealot Thread#1(RP)

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Vultureling was dreaming. He realized that he could conjure an image of himself, while sleeping (because it's wit the plot). He's among that group. Ty nick for actually rping! 50 credit reward. pleas track your credits.
(Btw I bought the stealth generator with my 100 creds vulture)

As the units come closer, I climb up to the top of a nearby structure to observe what is heading our way.
Vultureling decides to test his image of himself (he is asleep, still). He tried to eat something, goes right through him. He has basic manipulation of objects, not much else. He can speak.
I wander by.

"What up, broski?"
Vultureling says ," I'm not what you think I am *wink*." He then disappears, and appears RIGHT BEHIND Nick. btw Nick, what are you?
"serves them right, flippin' retard jerks." *as gang members are melting*
"now where did that poor kid go?"
As nick uses the standard bincoular enhancers handed out in basic training, he sees...
(second, doing a dice roll to keep it random.)

1. 1-5 zerglings and a hydralisk
2. 3-5 mutalisks
3. nothing, just a figment of my imagination
4. a group (3) of corrupt dark templars
5. three stimpacked marines bing chased by one of the above
Holy crap Nick! Add me! I'm Vultureling, 390. You have potential. 10 credit reward! (60 total)
Vultureling says ," I'm not what you think I am *wink*." He then disappears, and appears RIGHT BEHIND Nick. btw Nick, what are you
Read my backstory on previous page lol, spent 20 mins on it.
Btw I love Rping =) thats why I created backstory. ;] and the roll is.... 5, repeat, 5 (lol) 2, 1

any one who is with me: we see 6 marines being chaced by 3 mutas, 3 zerglings, and a hydralisk.
it is funny because ultras should push units out of the way in response to the post earlier about Naera the ultralisk 2.0 and terran would totally complain as they got facerolled by a decent tier three unit
Nick turns on his cloaking device and jumps into the air. He just manages to grab onto one of the mutalisks tails and severs it, stopping it from shooting without killing it. ( waiting for anyone else to contribute at same time)
Good ngiht all! TOmmorow I will make this post useful.
Seeing Nick engage in battle Kaguya powers her psi blade sneaks behind the Hydralisk and with a swift strike cuts it in half.

Uncloaking herself she powers up her 2nd Psi blade. Quickly closing distance between her and the zergling pack.
Okay so everyone knows I am a Hybrid Morpher that can switch forms right? I can go to my Hybrid form but its not as powerful as a Hybrid Destroyer. And for my item I wish to buy a Warp Prism so I can warp back to my Hybrid base when the bar closes.
Fenadar, Protoss, Archon has emotional issues walks into the bar,
Because none else is adding anything... Nick jumps from the first muta onto the hydralisk and decapitates it. He then pulls out his rifle and shoots at the three zerglings chasing after a civilian trying to get away. he kills two of them, but the third gets away and leaves a deep cut into the civilians leg. Nick finishes off the third, and turns his attention to the mutas as they have already commencing attacking him, knocking his weapon out of his hands. He scoops his weapon up and jumps thrugh the window of the nearest building. ( unfortunately that is joeyrays bar =/) I shoot at the mutas for a while, and after I kill the first two and put two holes in the third's wings the fight is over. I help the civilian get to a hospital, give ten credits to joeyraw to help him fix the window, mount the hydralisk head on a piece of wood and put it in my house, and chain the mutalisk who I incapacitated inside my closet after disabling its weaponry and putting it in a cage.
soz cookies, didn't see ur post. ill say there was some more hydras and lings.
cya tomorrow, im out.
*Out of game This is my very first RP I was gonna go in and be stupid with it but now I'm having fun. Sorry if I'm really OP as i said before I entered trying to be stupid and stuff but am now having fun. I will be back on tommorrow with some ideas on how to nerf my unit lol. Please reply to this post to tell me what I am doing wrong as I am very new to this whole thing. Ima go play some Starcraft and will check back in a few plz reply.

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