Adventures of the Overmind [1-2]

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Those who are not familiar, this is continuation of

Basically the story moves on based on how majority of the voters vote.

Last vote: 3 voted for 2 O'clock scouting (That's where the overlord will go) and 6 voted to build another overlord instead of spawning pool.

Thanks to Two Brilliant generals, GreatFluke & Dudeman & Sixel who voted for 2 most popular options. For others, you failed to follow the general overmind.

Anyway, back to the story...

Game 1: Episode 2 - Metalopolis

Excellent choices! Idra couldn't have done better! But unfortunately he is currently unavailable, as he is on duty on top secret missions that I cannot disclose, to a newbie commander like yourself.

Anyway, reports are coming in from the overlord that scouted 2 O'clock position, and he is reporting there are no bio or mech signals in that starting location. I'm going to assume that Terrans are not there. This only give us 2 remaining scenarios, that the Jim Raynor's army could only be at either 6 O'clock and 8 O'clock.

We also have completed our production of our second overlord, and continued to morph more larva to drones, bringing more minerals than we can spend! These larva isn't hatching fast enough as our economy is growing...

But we can't just mine forever! Wealth is good, and money is power, but all the money won't do any good if we are dead! But, as your profile tells me that you are master of space-time economics, and I must trust your judgement.

Our Current Situation:

14 Drones (All mining minerals)
2 Overlord (1 at 2 Oclock location, other just hanging around the ramp)
Minerals: 200 Minerals

1. Commander, the overmind is waiting for your next strategic advice.
a. Send a [exploration] mission to the laziest drone at 8 O'clock and 6 O'clock
b. Keep all drones [mining]

2. We also need ecnomical advice!
a. Build a spawning pool and a extractor. Then build a queen asap, few zerglings, and try to upgrade [zergling speed] - We need army, not more economy!
b. Build a spawning pool and then a hatchery. We need some [defense] in case of terran's agressive scenario, but we still need to build an economy.
c. Wait till 300 minerals, and build a hatchery at natural [expo]. Our military can wait. We have drones who can spit acid on the marines, in case of emergency.

3. We also need your ability to mind read!
a. Terran are at [6 Oclock]
b. Terran are at [8 Oclock]

ok - so this is how it works folks.
*** Respond to this post with the options ***

such as - 1a, 2b, 3a
or - scout, expo and 6 Oclock

Help the zerg to defeat the merciless Terran, as we are under Kerrigan's command to overwhelm the Terrans!



btw how often are you gonna repost what's the overmind is doing?
1. a

2. b

3. a

Also when are you going to finish your other story?
Ha ha! I'll finish (very very) slowly :D
1.) B, why send drones when you can send zerglings.

2.) B, you have fourteen drones and no zerglings?! If this was SC1 and I was the Terran you would probably be facing your first wave of marines right now. Zerglings aren't a defense, they are scout and annoyance units.

3.) B, meh 50 50 chance of being right, so whatever >.>
wait what other story? and i think that you have enough votes already
wow you weren't kidding when you said that you'll finish it very slowly

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