Adventures of the Overmind [1-1]

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Ok guys, this is how it works. You guys post a reply advising the overmind what he should do next. Based on total of your answers, the overmind will do the following actions. Let's get rid of those pesty terrans!

Game 1: Episode 1


Ahh, welcome to the command control of Zerg’s Hive.

We are honored to have such respected and highly decorated military general like you, infested and working for us! So this is how this works. I’m going to give you an opportunity to demonstrate your abilities on overwhelming our enemy led by Jim Raynor himself.
Our battle is located in the great Metapolis, we have spawned in 12 O’clock location. Jim Raynor’s base could be located any three other possible locations, 2 O’clock, 6 O’clock, or 8 O’clock location.

I want you to know that terrans show no mercy to our kind, and we will be glad to return their hospitality right back at them.

I would need to describe you our battle field a bit. Our base is on a high ground, and our natural is on a lower ground off to the ramp on the left side of our base. There are 2 watch towers total, one in the northern center of the map, and another watch tower in the southern center of the map. You should note that these watch towers give us a vision to 2 gold mineral bases in high ground center. You can familiarize more about the map if you desire, by looking at hour historical battle achieves.

Since you are just getting familiar, mean while, I morphed one of our larva to become a drone, and had six other drones that set us up our hatchery to start mining minerals. They are gathering resources as we speak, and as soon as we had 50 minerals, I had another larva morphed to a drone, and continue to gather resources.

Our current situation:
Units: 9 Drones, 1 Overlord
Building: 1 Hatchery
Minerals: 100 Minerals –

Commander! Myself, the overmind, needs your advice.

Where should I send my overlord to scout?
1. [2 O'clock]
2. [6 O'clock]
3. [8 O'clock]

What should be the next investment to our great zerg base?
1. [Overlord] and morph 2 more drones
2. Save up 100 more minerals and morph a [Spawning Pool]

*** Ok - so this is how it works folks ***

Respond to this post with the options, such as "scout 2 o'clock and build another overlord" and I'll total up the responses and continue the epic story of either defeat or victory against Jim Raynor!
Scout: Option 3.

Investment: Option 1.
scout option 2
investment 1 or 2 if you want a nine pool
Overlord! use Extarctor trick.
Scout: Option 1

Investment: Option 1

P.S. Cool idea
scouting option 2 and since we are the ovemind we really dont have any1 to tell us to spawn moar overlords, so skip the overlords go straight to drones
O: 1 - I: 1
Scout 2 o clock position and build one more drone then make spawning pool then overlord and make drones and overlords until spawning pool is done.

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