Hey Joey, what do you enjoy killing?

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Rules: Chose the one beast / race that your character(s) in the StarCraft universe enjoys killing the most, and then RP telling us why. Discussions/Questions/Anger between characters is allowed

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  • Alfred (Terran Spectre):

  • So it is Cliché, Joey, there is nothing like killing a big though man while you are looking at his eyes, yes you watch his fear, but what really gets you is how you feel his fear, exploding from his heart into every single particle of his skin. No matter if I have my rifle or my knife in my hands they always seem to be looking into a lost hell. I love killing terrans, mostly because those mindless beasts don't care about dying, and while in a different way, more meaningful way, the Protoss don't really care about dying either.

    You should try it some day, Joey, I'm telling you, a Terran's fear will fuel up your spirit. Their fear exploding before dying will make you much more aware of the excitement of living. You don't know what it is to live, until you make someone die.
    joey killing zerg is fun because they are underpwoered
    Joel, Derpalisk

    Alfred - Spectre:

    Triel, What the #*%% is a Vampire Assassin?
    Mike - Ghost

    I love sniping Spectres. They act all terrified when they hear a .65 cal round soar to their heads.
    Oh wait, Alfred is a spectre.... :P
    Oops, can't delete it...Oh well. There. Deleted, unofficially.
    Mike - Ghost

    I love sniping Spectres. They act all terrified when they hear a .65 cal round soar to their heads.
    Oh wait, Alfred is a spectre.... :P

    May sound ironic but when it comes to Ghosts or Traitor Spectres, my knife will do the job.
    (sloooow job).
    (Joel Terran Tank driver)

    "Never was one for that whole "fear in the eyes" thing" myself, 'course I could never see the eyes of the enemy! Haha"

    "But what does make a smile crawl across my old mug is killing them Dark Templar guys, slimey little snakes that can't even fight fare, just ain't right. Havein 'em run right next to a turret is like a birthday present from the Xel' naga them selfs, thanks for makeing it for my boys, this ones for you. Ka-boom..."

    (I dont come to the bar much, how's my company doin' ya?)

    I love going in and killing other SCVs in rushes. Why? Well, you see, the fools always think they're safe in their suits. And when the first of show up, they think that oh, we're safe. SCVs can't fight. And then I plunge my fusion cutter into them ,sparks flying as metal rands, with flesh. The thrill of close up fighting is an incredible one.
    Oh and drones aren't really expressive at all, hive slaves, and probes are just robots. You only get the feeling of overcoming their smugness when they're SCVs.
    Zenshil-Zealot/Dark Templar Crossover

    I hone my skills deep in the forests of Zash 'Kahl. The indigenous Terrans ate the poisoinous fruit of the pinlu tree. They turned cannibalistic, preying on the few survivors. I try to help these Terran. To see the fresh, dead bodies dropping to the rich soil, it fills my heart with joy. I know that I help the universe.
    The Balloon Dragon (see portrait :) )

    I love to spew out Spores at just about anything. But when it comes to Overlords, well. it's just fun busting the blimps from the sky when the enemy brood is not looking... or my allied one. I hate them. They are pigs, spewing out creep wherever they want, and all they do is watch. That is pretty annoying... and my cerebrate tells me that I think it's annoying as well, so go figure.
    Kenneth Marine
    Zerg: hehe I love the smell of roast Zergling in the morning. :P
    Hyp, SCV Pilot!

    I just changed my miiiind WOO! Man, alien shrieks of terror are FUN to hear! Aka slicing drones up! You cause terror to my dominion. I CUT YOU UP WITH MY FUSION DRILL RAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAEG!

    dark templar

    I love to see terran marine's scream in horror as a blade of pure psionic will sprouts from one of their comrades chests , and they are unable to see what is doing it
    Cold Elite Ghost

    The Mightiest of the Zerg broods, the most skillful of the protoss worriers, and even the greatest of my fellow terren are not the about the ease it is to kill them. But the sense of satisfaction you get when you do.

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