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So...anyone got 5 bucks i could borrow, i need another can of Mar Sara Cola, i could
  • A, give them my pants
  • B, Take it from them by force
  • Or C, punch someone and go to a bar that doesnt overprice soda.

  • 05/15/2011 03:08 PMPosted by Owen

    The correct currency in the Starcraft world is Credits. Just to let you know :)
    Sorry, all my spare creds(yes, creds) go to funding the Zling and Zlot Threads.
    i dont have any credits but i have 5 extra cases of vespin laying around
    sorry bro i just used it to hire some mercs to go steal some for me
    I got some credits. I invested them. In the stock market. The stock was a piece OF YOUR SOUL.

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