Have you ever heard of a hydrine....?

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Have you ever heard of a hydrine I saw one and trianed him.

Well I saw one it was on the planet Auir. I was with some Mobious guys yea and we were digging for some of the old temples there and boom we found a temple. the crew thought it was one of the old Auir chef temples. well anyways we Went inside the temple.

The temple was huge and very creepy slime all over. We had 2 marines with us one fell in a hole....... don't worry we got him out... After the small delay we went deeper! deeper! deeper and then found empty bottles of beer...... and found a lavra going to form a coccon. The 2 marins wanted to kill it but the scientist insisted not to. while we were talking one person sad lets keep it!

They all voted me..... I was pissed so I kicked the dam thing and pop a hydralisk but it was acting retarted so ( the hydra was only a foot tall) I kept it. For some odd reason it looks at me and make a sound that sounded like ahhhhahhahhhahhhhhhhhh I laughed.

Times passes the queen of blades is unzergafied

The hydra was not retarted anymore so I taught it to use a gun. now it is my hunting buddy. How did you think I got all these animals?
05/20/2011 12:19 PMPosted by Ant
we went deeper! deeper! deeper

that sounds so wrong but im sorry it sounds so wrong
05/21/2011 08:31 PMPosted by Wingman
deeper! deeper! deeper

That's what she said.

You need better grammar, and spell-check. I had trouble understanding.
Meh, it was good enough....for ur average 3rd grader....
Ummm guys.... i think it was intentional....

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