A lone Zealot

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This is just like all of the other roleplays you probably have seen except this is the story of a zealot, the situation is on the post below.
You have just finished training on shakuras and you decide to head out on your own to explore and earn glory. your final test is to kill and bring back the body of an omegalisk. so , here is where our story begins: On the colony of Mar Sara, a lone zealot is sitting back relaxing when he overhears two ex-marines talking about their latest zerg hunt

Marine1:"I told you Joe, the hydralisk came out of nowhere!"
Joe:"we both know that only them roach things and the infestors can move while burrowed, Ray, maybe you just had too much to drink on the dropship"
Ray:"maybe it was waiting in ambus or something, but I know what I saw, the ground shook, some worm like creature came up and spat out the hydrlisk, the other three were dead before I managed to grab my rifle!"
Zealot:"sounds like you encountered a nydus worm"
I guess ill join... If your still here.

A ghost appears,

"Hmmm... How would you know that zealot? I don't thinks theres any of 'em on Shakuras..."

You sence something strange about him...
simple, I am a zerg hunter, I specialize in taking down the zerg, and I have not been on shakuras since I finished my training

*a sense of spitefullness is rocognisable when "shakuras" is spoken*

Joe: "a zerg hunter eh? maybe you can come and join us, you too ghost, Ray and I were just about to head out"
Ray: "Joe, are you sure we can trust this pro-toss?"
Joe: "the goal of the protoss is to eradicate any zerg forces, if there was any serious infestation going on here, this planet would look worse than char"
The ghost steps forward.

"Well then, I might as well tag along so you dont get hurt. I heard theres some small swarms of mutalisk seen flying around recently... How 'bout you zealot?"

The cover on his mask drops. It looks like he's ready to fight.
They all load into a drop ship...
medivac: all ready
The medivac flies across the world until attacked by a band of mutas
medivac: this is your captain speaking EVERYONE GET OUT NOW WERE ALL GOING TO DIE
Everyone jumps out and is now stranded in the middle of the Jungle including the medivac pilot who is also a medic!!
You take in your surroundings and the group makes barricades out of the wreakage.
You: They're boud to have seen the expolsion and are heading our way as we speak.
Ghost: i'll climbe a tree and see if i can get a better view of the surroundings.
You, Ray, Joe, and the medic whose name is Rachel move the wreakage into defensive positions.
Sorry for long wait...

After climbing into the tree, the ghost sees two ultralisks and about 7 roaches heading in their direction.

"Well, we got a fight ahead of us... But I got an idea."

He dissapears as the zerg approach.
Within The Zerg Lines...

Queen: Changeling scout our opposition and report back... we will adjust accordingly
The Changeling Morphs to a wounded Terren Marine
Changeling: HELP THE ZERG THEYRE COMING *morphs blood and spits it out* please help...
(the queen can see what the changeling sees)
Ray: Private you're hurt! (motions Rachel over)
Rachel: (walks over)
You: Wait let me take a look at him first. (you walk over and starts looking at his wounds motions everyone to come in a circle away from him)
You: Guys don't you think that it's a little comvient that there's a "wounded" marine without a gauss rifle in the sector that just happens to stumble upon our crash site, even though that there hasn't been any recent patrols or colonies attacked?

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