2316 First Contact

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Data Log: Month-3 Day-21 Year-2316
Username: Pvt. Jeren

I'm afraid i don't have much time.
Whoever reads this, keep this to yourself. As of now, you must be the only one who knows this data log even exists...
I have to hurry.. I can hear them walking near...

My name is Flynn Jeren.
I was placed in the 43rd battle group of the confederacy, and I was just a grunt. The Confedercy needed us to find new worlds to colonize, and we warped almost everywhere in the Sector. Then we found Kore. Kore was a lush planet covered in thousands of forests. It wasn't that bad, although the planet was humid, hot, and plain uncomfortable without our combat suits on. The air was breathable... Anyways, the 43rd battle group's battlecruiser began to deploy landing troops, to prepare for exploration and determination of colonization. Our dropships began crashing through the atmosphere in a red furious blitz. The dropship's hold was dark... and smelled of sweat. We marines tend to be on the ground instead of in the air or space. We have a better chance of surviving on the ground instead of in the air, where we can't do !##%. Then we landed at our LZ. We charged out with our gauss rifles, expecting hell, but there was nothing but green and mother nature all 'round.
(I'm closing story here... Comment if you like and I'll continue next time)
Do continue, but where is the twist? So there was nothing around?
Come on, continue.

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