Heart of the Swarm Collectors Edition?

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Hi, I was just wondering if anyone knows if there will be a collectors edition for Heart of the Swarm?

I really regretted not buying the collectors for WoL, and considering it's just an expansion and not a standalone game, I was wondering if they'd do the same for HotS as they did for Cataclysm.

: ) Thanks!
There will be. It's a chance at easy money; just throw in some random decals/portraits, maybe a soundtrack, some stupid WoW pet, maybe a mousepad for good measure, and.....bam! An extra $20-30. Easy money for Blizzard to make, so they'll make one.
The Cinematic DVD and the soundtrack easily made up for the price of WOL CE.

I would happily pay $100, with a super excited child like smile on my face for HOS CE.

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