This is a Zergling and Zealot Thread #5(RP)

Joeyray's Bar
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Venom gets some psi cherries from joey, and begins eating. As he eats, he begins wondering about psi cherries. He never payed much attention to the psionics inside them, and only then realized that there was a large untapped psionic force in each psi cherry, which is what makes them so fun for archons to eat. Fixated by his newfound discovery, an idea begins to form in his mind.

Venom goes up to joey and asks for all the psi cherries he has. Joey provides him with several hundred. Venom begins some tests, and is liking his results. These psi cherries have explosive capabilities when charged with the right type of energy...
seeing the wounded pilot, Jem and Rashak immediately melds their powers and study the mans injurys. they start chanting in kalani as they focus their powers and heal him. still tired out form healing nick and the battle all they could do was stop all bleeding form his wounds before they have to stop.

(and why are we turning psi cherrys into grenades venom?)

James uses some bandages and gives Yp a dose of healing nanites

"That will have to do for now, now what happened?"
Nick watches in silence as the SCV pilot stumble into the bar. He then tosses a med-kit to james, and says "Use this to patch up his knee, and you can keep the stimpack in there" "also, for the pilot, give him this", and Nick then tosses him a reaper gauss pistol (trigger mod, 2 shots per trigger pull) .
Vultureling is slowly healing. He decides to contribute to the cause, and summons a Human form, a female. He teleports the clone outside the bar, and she walks in. Vultureling goes unconscious, now controlling Whisper.

You all see a human girl walk into the bar. On a volcanic planet.
"Gah, whoa! Didn't quit expect help to be like this!" Yp was feeling a LOT better now. "Urgh, anyway, what happened? Oh, yes... ME and several other Raider SCVs had been jut beginning a base... Before we knew it, a practical swarm of the Brood War Queens came down on us... Everyone but me was infested, and the infested scvs sliced at me and almost took me out before I escaped. I managed to drag myself here." Yp took a litle look at the pistol as th enanites did their work. He tossed it back to Nick, "I don't need this." He then got off the table, abd walked outside the bar, grabbing his heavily damaged SCV nd bringing it to a little clearing near the entrance. He took out a set of handheld tools. "well, it's going to be hard to put her back together..." He shrugged and started welding back together the SCV's plasma welder.
After he had finished repairing his SCV (even unscrewing its plasma welder and using it to repair it), he pushed the thing back outside, and settled down and got a chocolate milk, kind of smirking. These things made him feel like a little kid again- oh, what simple times THOSE were- but he loved them, so he drank them even though it was the opposite of manly. Yum, chocolate.
"What the...?"
TYO looks at the girl. He walks over, towering over the human.
"What are you doing here, girl?" He asks in a gruff voice.
She responds in an elegantly accented voice," I have merely come because this bar landed on my home." "May I also ask how a Roach is speaking with me?" She says.
"I doubt that. Who are you, really?" TYO asks, carefully avoiding the question.
Yp doesn't look up. "Aha, maybe there IS a settlement here!"
He finishes his chocolate milk and orders another one.
"I am Whisper Nagako. This planet, Cor'dale, was ruled by the Nagakos for hundreds of years."
She says.
"And how can I speak with you?" She repeats.
"I have some.... minor mutations. Now whos this Nagakos you speak of?"
"We are the ancient...Ok, screw it. I'm Vultureling. I don't make very convincing royalty. :)."
She says.
Venom laughs at the girls anti-climactic explanation. Then he continues working on his psi cherries, trying to study the patterns that could cause a breakthrough in psi weaponry.
TYO smirks. "Almost got me there too."
"Venom...why the fekk(like for SC2 lore curse word!) are you making Psi Cherry Bombs?"
She says.
"Anyways, good to see you, TYO."
James walks over to Nick.

"How ya doin bud? Better?"

James hands him a glass of orange juice.
(I'll take Nick's character, Teehee!)

"Much better, thanks."
He says.
(Are you not suprised that he's back to full health?)
"Hey, James." WHisper says.
Vulturelisk trots over to Vultureling and sniffs from top to bottom.

"You smell familiar, have we met before? And I know you are a zergling, like me." Says Vulturelisk.
"I am a human, freak." She says, keeping up the act.

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