I love when this happens.

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Soo me and my partner were running 2v2s, and he DCed right at the beginning of a match, the opponents were telling me to just GG out and quit, but I said no, either they thought I was a joke or they were just terrible, because they sent 3-4 stalkers over to clean up my base, which instantly fell to my group of around 12 DTs, which then proceeded to go over and destroy both opponents. Anyone else have this happen? =P
lol cuz he was min feedin ya
kinda but they didn't tell me to gg. it was a dark day when we got duel cheesed...1 proxy hatch...one gate in the base...we managed to take out the gate cause we saw it....but the proxy took out my ally's econ and he quit....I was all alone...good thing i went for a 13 hatch and had a massive econ gain though lol...i just made a giant muta ball and wreaked havec??
@DoomerX Yeah, I got a few minerals and some gas from him, that helped me out a tad lol
@Galvian Ahhh yeah I hate when people try that stuff...ever been double 6 pooled? It sucks lol.
@ Cabradabra lol me too but I use to do it all the time with my friend in 2v2 xD btw it's called an omega 6 pool
@Galvian haha @!@# =P problem with that is if they defend it you lose. lol xD Ahh ok thanks, i don't know names and stuff for strategies and all that =P

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