Adventures of the Overmind [1-3]

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Those who are not familiar - this is continuation of Part 1 and Part 2.
Part 1 -
Part 2 -

Basically the story moves on based on how majority of the voters vote.

Last vote, 5 votes for sending the lazy drone for exploration
4 votes for spawning pool and then a hatchery - to play a bit defensive
3-3 votes for terrans at 6 oclock or 8 oclock

Thanks to - Three Brilliant Generals, Phoneix, Galvian and InFinity (who voted for the most popular options!) For others, you failed...

Anyways, back to the story -

Game 1: Episode 3 - Metalopolis

Excellent choices commander. If anything happens to Nestea, we will have you take over his spot.

You have selected to choose laziest drone and send him exploration. After announcement of such a risky mission, all our drones have been working extra hard bringing back minerals faster. However, one of the drone named "Dronie" was caught moving from mineral patch to another mineral patch, because another drone was working on it. He was identified as lazy by the Overlord, and Dronie was selected for the expedition mission. Poor Dronie, he is begging for mercy, saying he doesn't care about being promoted to a building, but it is time for him to go.

Meanwhile, in the base, one of the drones were promoted to become a spawning pool, and another drone to become a hatchery at our natural and another drone promoted to become an extractor. These three drones were happy that they would no longer have to work at mineral patches, and recieved medals for all their hard work. Our econmical advisors say we lack saturation at the mineral patches for full mining, and suggested us to build more drones.

Our base is growing, our economy is booming, and our first queen is on the way as spawning pool is finished! Wait, hold on...

Dronie has just reported he think he found a Terran base at 8 O'clock spot! He said he sees a Supply depot, and a barracks being built on top of the ramp by a SCV. Dronie want to know if he can come home now...

So this is what we know so far...

Our Current Situation:

Military Intelligence:
Terran is at 8 O'clock position, we are at 12 O'clock position. Terran has built a supply depot and in the process of building a barracks on top of the ramp, our military intelligence tells us that is in attempt to block the entrance.

16 Drones (15 Mining minerals, 1 "Dronie" on expedition mission)
3 Overlords (1 at 2 O'clock location, 1 at the ramp, another one at natural)
1 Queen on Production

Spawning Pool completed
Hatchery at natural expo being built

500 Minerals & 100 gas to spend by next episode.

1. Commander, Dronie is awaiting your command.
a. Come back [home] Dronie. You done a great service to the overmind.
b. Dronie, we need you to [attack] the SCV that is building the barracks. Don't worry, he is busy building, he won't fight back.
c. Dronie, we want you to [sneak inside] the base and see if the Terran is building a Refinary. Don't expect to come back home w/o more intelligence!

2. Commander, our first Queen is about to hatch.
a. Tell her to [spawn larva] as she hatches. Do what queen does best.
b. Tell her to make [creep tumor] as she hatches. We need more creep.
c. Tell her to [relax] and just chill. Queen needs some rest.

3. Commander, we need military plans.
a. Let's do [Speedling] as our first set of forces. Upgrade Zergling speed, build a dozen of zerglings!
b. Let's do [Roach] as our first set of forces. Build a Roach Warren then 4 roaches asap.
c. Let's do [Baneling] as our first set of forces. Build a baneling nest, then 2 banelings asap. We can build up a small force of zerglings to assist them.

Ok, so this is how it works folks!
- Respond to this post with the options -

Such as - 1a, 2c, 3c

Help the zerg to defeat the Terran! For the Swarm!
1C 2A 3C
1 - B

2 - B

3 - A

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