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The story is, after reclaiming thanks to the brave sacrifice of the Archon Zhal by merging himself with two dark Archons and a Archon, creating a Great Archon, and destroying the entire surface and using temporal manipulation to re-make the great structures, but destroying himself in the process.

(see my thread Blades of Justsice)

Anyway, with their great civilization rebuilt the Protoss decided to purge a planet known as Luthen 4, which is a massive Zerg infested planet, so infested, that it is alive, it has seas of liquid creep, the ground literally opens up to devour you. They managed to burn a hole in the mile-thick creep to use as a base.

Meanwhile deep underground a mining colony of Terrans is holding off against Zerg, so the RP leaves u with three choices, be Terran, and help your colony and discover the Protoss, be Protoss and help purge the Zerg, or be Zerg and defend your planet in the name of the Zerg swarm!
3 options...nice!
I'll join.
Name: Travis Kotaj
Faction: Terran
Role: Engineer.

Any pictures of what the colony looks like?

I awoke to the sound of a Zergling screaming in pain. Rubbing the sleep out of my eyes, I quickly dressed and grabbed downed a pack of Vita-mix from the locker in my room, then went out. Most of the miners were already awake, doing their assigned tasks. My tools were waiting for me in the supply room. I then went off to do a check of the side walls, making sure that it held firm. A crack would mean certain death for us.
Name:Vultureling Faction:Zerg
Role: Tactical Strikes (Aka:Eating your food.)

*Whispered conversation*
*The sound of skin breaking, muscles reforming*
"Ah, much better..." I said, re-entering the form of a Zergling. I was constantly rushing about, defending this, retrieving that...
A normal day.
An hour later I had finished the inspection. Everything appeared to be fine. I went to help the guards, grabbing a simple mining laser.
"Zerg seem quiet today."
"Yeah, wonder what they're up to"
"I'm wondering what the Dominion is up to, leaving us here like this"

The guards cautiously advanced, making sure every zerg body was dead.
Name: Chris Carter
Faction: Terran
Role: Multi-Specialist

I woke up to the sound of someone knocking my door. My uniform being the only available thing to wear, I quickly put it on. With someone still knocking the door, I answer it.
Standing in front of me was a marine.
"You're late," He said
"Well, that's just great, isn't it?" I said, while walking through the door.
Funny, I swear I saw something coming from the wall on the way there.
"Specialist Chris Carter reporting for duty," I said as I enter the room
"You're late," said Commander Henry "Jolly" Rancher, " And I was about to assign someone else. But any ways, some people throughout the colony been reporting about something that seems, how can I put this, "Creepy Crawlers going in and out the gates" and what's worse, there's a changeling among us."
"So you want me to go through the colony, knock on people's doors and ask "Are you a changeling?" while all of this could be reports from engineers staying up for too long?" I said
"I'm being serious about this, if there is a changeling here, it could sabotage important stuff." He said with a dark look
"Fine, fine. I'll do it, but I'm still going to work on my project." I said, and left after that.
I went to scan everyone that I could for an hour, then went home. When I arrived, I did what I always did, worked on my project for a couple of hours and watched some movies while eating dinner. Afterwards, I changed and stared at a gift an old friend gave me, and went to bed.
After completing my shift, I went and inspected the power generator. It had broken down several weeks ago, and without it the heavier machinery could not function. I opened the side panel up and tweaked a few pieces, then gave up. I walked back to my pod, passing Chris who appeared to be invading people's homes.

Im just going to lay down what out base contains.

We have around 100 miners, 20 marines and some unpowered firebat/marauder/goliaths.
The mining colony is a large room with several gates leading into it.
"Sir, I scanned all 120 residents and still no changeling," I said after being late, again.
"Are you sure, because I have a file saying here that there's 121 residents," Said Jolly, "I wonder where that extra one came from, I checked last time and it said 120."
"I'm going to check it out," and ran out of the room. I ran around checking where it could be. When I was going to give up, I spotted some blob near the generator and walked up to it. When I was close enough to stun, it screamed and ran for one of the gates. I tried to stun it, but it turned hard right and went into a pod. I checked inside but found only equipment, when I came out, it did too. I started to chase but marine was luckily nearby and shot it. People started to scream at the puddle what was the changeling. I found a pair of gloves and a glass box and shoved it inside and carried it to command. A doctor picked it up and took it to another room.
Sigh, I'm taking tomorrow off.....
Figured out the problem with the generator. The reactor had broken down. I don't jnow where im gonna find new power cells though....

(this ok?)

Name: Galvain
Race: hybrid of zerg protoss and terran
Role: merc
Um...i don't know. No idea you you would fit in this.
Name: John Teneras
Affiliation: Terran
Role: Engineer

Being stuck underground on an alien world is not what I would call a vacation. Sometimes I wonder why I even signed up for the job, I could have done so much more with my life. But instead im stuck on this rock taking orders from my superiors. "John! Fix that barricade" Hey you, we need a bunker constructed!" Gets on my nerves. But I'll probably never make it out of this hole unless I work hard so oh well.
Name: ka-POW!
Team: zerg
Race: baneling

The beautiful reddish-green light shone glistening off of the hide of the massive cerebrate-hive as its powerful muscles guided baneling after baneling into its gaping maw, into safety and sleep. BOOM! rubbed against my side slightly, trying to get my attention. BOOM! was always a risk taker. "hey, you coulda gotten me killed there. Be more careful next time you wanna talk."
"I was just gonna tell you- BASH! detonated this afternoon, from what the other banelings saw we think it was stress related."
"oh my god, where did it happen? that guy was always the joker too..."
"right by the xenos caves. hopefully he took a few of those b*stards with him in a cave-in."
"I just hope I'm so lucky. I'm saving myself for a big juicy thor- - or at least four marines at once!"
"god bless you youngsters."

Name: Zaresh
Race: Protoss
Role: Zealot
I just cant stand waiting. Waiting to be dropped onto the ground for the fight to cleanse this planet or just battles in general always got me. The warp prism drops off my group near the forward base. "What are our orders Executor?" I ask.
"Patrol the area look for any zerg cerebrates or building clusters and purge them."
I was stuck in a small tunnel that smelled like crap with zerg creep dripping into it. Behind me were 2 marines and another miner. We had come here to try and sneak to the front gate to look for any funtioning power cells. A zerg nymph suddenly dropped down in front of us. It's life was abruptly ended by a boot.
The contaminated rain was a delightful shade of pink, and the squelching noise it made as it struck the creep was fantastic. Today I was being sent with another brood of banelings to annihilate a xeno drop force that had been reported to the cerebrate-hive by our overseer. As we came over the next rise, I noticed several shimmering shapes on the horizon-- shapes that were not zerg. shapes that were xenos. shapes that I instantly hated. I no longer cared for my own life, all of my ambitions and goals were swept aside by this sudden urge to sprint at the aliens as quickly as i could and cover them all in a shower of deadly acid. then they would be part of the creep, part of the zerg. and we could love them. judging by the caucaphonous chittering that surrounded me, it seemed that my brothers and sisters felt the same.

all 632 of them.
My project is working well, but if I tell anyone this I would get in trouble. Couple months ago an old friend gave me a pylon shard, which could power things forever. While I was moving stuff around, I noticed the shard glow more over certain spot. And I did what no one should do: I opened the floor and started to dig. I did this for a month and I finally reached a cavern with Protoss tech that were without power, even the pylons too. I had the shard in my pocket and it went out of control and literally FLEW to a nexus and attached itself to it and started to power on. So did everything else. This went on until the shard fell, but everything was still on. So I went to pick up the shard until a probe did it for me. I started to freak out but it gave it to me and started staring. And did that while I checked the buildings. I noticed this:
Sentries and probes that where off
No Protoss bodies
No Zerg or creep
Lots of armor, weapons, and robot parts.
So my project is this: Finding answers about this place and a way out off this place. I know why the dominion left us here, leave us here since the infestation is stronger and harder to pass. It would takes weeks to get here, and out. So far it's almost done, but that probe just helps me and projects blueprints to machines. Why is this place empty? Why is this probe helping me and why is this the only machine on? Are we not the first ones to mine here?
Sigh, need to go to bed, been up all day. Only three more days before vacation's over. I'm so screwed if ANYONE finds that trapdoor....
Name: TI91187
Race: Protoss
Role: Probe

*An encoded series of noises that sound almost like broken techno radiate through the hall as TI91187 transmits a message to the Mothership circling Luthen 4 through a series of well-placed homing beacons powered by pylon crystals. Loosely translated, this is what it said.*

"Mothership Arenna,

This is TI91187. A human has discovered our weapons deposit below the surface of Luthen 4. Hopefully, you are now on due course of action, and are ready to begin the purging process soon of this forsaken planet. It is likely that you are ready to follow through with code 1A721, but you require confirmation that the technology is still even on the planet before you follow through.

This Human, Chris Carter he's called himself in his mindless ramblings as he works with our technology, is our greatest chance at re-powering the old cybernetics core. If we're lucky, his capable hands will give start to the rebirth of the fabled Dragoons of old.

If you get this message, please respond in due kind, I need reassurance that hope is not lost, and that I should continue to help this human instead of powering off for my final slumber."

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