This Is a Zergling and Zealot Thread #8 (RP)

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OOC: @ Plasmaman my char Lekroger has same problem. Gonna drop the marauder char for a little while.
Osplin followed the trail of blood, with his remaining eight hydralisks. He noticed that the prints were fresh. His chance for revenge was approaching. He pressed on through the light underbrush, and ahead, he sees a stain of black aganst the surrounding green landscape. A Zerg Hive. Ultralisks, masses of zerglings, Hydralisks, and corruptors flew around the base as hundreds upon hundreds of drones gathered minerals and mutated into spine crawlers and spore cannons.

Osplin knew he would not be able to take the base alone.

He noticed the zerglings chewing on chunks of his freinds, his family even. He would make their queen suffer, slowly. He would make her watch as her colony fell apart, watch as her lava were slain, and watch her hive be torn into hunks of flesh. He would make her pay.
Nick, was angry. He felt no pain, as adrenaline surged through his body, but he was pissed. His arm hung on to his body by a few tendons, and he knew that without medical treatment he would never be able to use his arm again. He liked his arm, a lot. (Who doesn't?) And he did NOT want to get a robotic one. Sure it would probably be stronger than his current one, but he liked his arm.

"Fekk it! LeKroger, wheres that damn medkit???"
Nick, My Changeling is with Osplin...
Lekroger I forgot that you had a broken down wraith XD
IC: I go around finishing off my second bottle of whiskey and leave the bar.

I turn off my fire trail once the last building falls.
"Well Roland," Robert says "We finally did it. We took down the city"
"Yeah, I can't believe it. It was lucky we found that trapdoor under the grass, or we never would have destroyed this"
"Hey, Robert!", John shouted "I found a trap door"
"Let me see"
Robert heads over to the place where John was and starts rubbing the dirt off and finds the handle. He starts to pull on it. John helps him with the door and it becomes loose. Robert signals for us to back away and he pulls his pistol out. He slowly opens it, and when he finally gets it open by about an inch, he opens it fast and loudly, with his gun pointing inside it.
"Come on, let's get going"
We head down the tunnel into one more door. He pull it open and we cannot believe our eyes. We see rows after rows of vehicles and weapons, suits and ammunition. I'm about to cry with joy until I realize something. There is no way they would have let this all laying out here in the open. That's when I spot the statues standing in the corners. Those statues look somewhat familiar, but I can't remember what was special about them. That's when I hear John tell everyone to shut up and be quiet. He tells us what those statues are in the corner, and now I finally remember. Those are stone zealots, and when they hear noise from strangers or when someone steps over a tile, they will wake up and attack the intruders. We start to discuss a plan when we hear the door behind us open. We see Stukov rush in and tell us that we must get.those vehicles because the Protoss are going to sell them and they're coming right now.
*Rummages though his inventory and pulls out a small med-kit*
"Here ya go Nick." *tosses the kit to nick*
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Nick, My Changeling is with Osplin...

Osplin + Awesome changeling < Hive of Zerg
50 marines with shotguns + 50 marines with rifles + Zerg hive = Blood instead of hive with 25 marines of both types standing victorious. Probably.
I followed the Hunter Killer to a Hive. We hid in some bushes just outside of their monitor's sight.
"So, are these the ones who destroyed your hive?"
Yes, they are. They will pay for what they have done!
"All in good time my brother. I can sense that you want the queen to watch helplessly as her colony is destroyed? I can help you subdue her. It would be child's play really... Just take care of any overseers. I'll flank and... put her in a sticky situation... If that's alright with you."
I walk into a town and hear about a problem with a near by Zerg hive. I decide to go try to kill the Zerg there 'cause the pay would be good enough for me to fix most of the damage on my Wraith. As I arrive at the Hive I see the Changeling I encountered earlier. "Great, I have to fight that thing."
I begin to feel something... familiar... the scent. No, it can't be...

It's that Terran that destroyed my home...
"Brother, I am sorry, but my own enemy has revealed himself... I will be back soon..."
I take off, and see a settlement, two figures were approaching the Hive. I notice a large pack on one of them. It's the one who wandered into my cave...

I land in front of them.
"You two should not have come here. Your fates have been sealed..."
With a swipe of my arm I send a volley of jagged bones at the pair. One of them hit their mark on the leg of the intruder. I leap away as bullets fly past me.


I see Zaros look up, then curse. I see the Changeling again. Crap. It lands, says the stereotypical "you are going to die" thing, and started shooting at us. I aimed my pistols at it, but then I felt a searing pain in my leg, just below my waist. There was a piece of bone sticking out of my calf, and I couldn't move my leg. I was a sitting duck.

Thinking fast, I turn on my jetpack. The thrusters blaze to life as I feel myself rise. The pain in my leg was excruciating, and then, a bullet hits me in the chest, spraying blood all over my face. The last thing I felt before I blacked out was me spiraling upwards before coming down and landing on my back in the soft sand.
The name is Zaros in this -_-
IC: I let loose half my bullets at the Changeling and yell, "No, no, no you've got it all wrong, you are going to die!" When I lose all my ammo I fire a concentrated blast of Psi energy.
OOC: You really know he's trying to kill you when he uses his Psionic powers
The bullets narrowly miss me, but then I feel myself fly back. My wings spread and I hover about 50 feet away from the Terran, my wings open for a special reason. I begin to weaken the ligaments in my wingtips. Two swift snapping motions and eight bones fly towards the Terran. One of them shatters his gun.
"Terran, your death is a certainty!"
With a flick of my wings I start hurtling towards him. As I near him, I fly closer to the ground, I prepare my arm to strike at his vunerable legs.
I charge a large ball of Psionic energy and fire it at the Changeling, "Try to get away from this!!"

OOC: Good luck escaping injury XD
I see the translucent orb fly at me, ans turn into a wall of liquid. The ball goes right through me. I escaped any injury, but I lost my momentum. I fire several more volleys of bone while I regrow my wings.
Nick watches as his friend fires blast after blast of psi energy at the flying changling.
Nick takes aim with his rifle.


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