Beat Toss Cannon Rush - Replay Included

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I am by no means an expert. But I survived a cheesy cannon rush, then a void ray rush. And all in Scrap station, which is one of my most hated maps. :)

Please critique and tell me what I could have done to do it better.
* Should use initial overlord to scout his base, not the gold expansion.

* Roach Warren that early is pretty useless. Instead, strive for what most top tier Zergs are doing : Fast Expand. Since you 14 Pooled (I think you 14 pooled right?) then you should add your hatchery at 16 supply.

* You got your Lair before zergling speed. Only on rare circumstances shall you do this. On a typical game, your zergling speed should always have more priority then Lair.

* You wasted a nydus worm trying to sneak an expansion to the top when you could have just nydus his base and bring the game home.

* You wasted several banelings to kill a pylon and little or no photon cannons. Very cost uneffective. The smart thing to do is to re-root your spine crawler in range of the cannons, as they can not see high ground on low ground.
Haven't put in as many hours as you, but I think you could have scouted more. You did a good job countering his rays with your hydras, regardless. Good defense. I would have enjoyed seeing you bring in an overlord and drop a nydus canal behind his resource line. You might have pulled an earlier win. That's about all I got.

Also, that Protoss player was pretty bad. He let his resources stack like crazy. He also should have changed tactics when you countered his void rays the first time. Instead he just built more... Idiot.

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