"Your status has been locked."

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just finished a ranked 4v4 game; noticed a bit of lag after clicking to the score screen
score screen was blank and never came up (i always look at the data from this)

tried to go in for another ranked 4v4; didnt work bc of the my status had been locked

is it because i use my acct on different computers? i use about 3-4 dif computers with my one acct

I just joined an arcade game but will try loging out and back in to see if it fixes
update: the arcade game failed at loading bc there was some issue with the server i guess?

i did not log out and back in

just went back to matchmaking and it worked fine
I was searching for a game, got a failure, when i went to re-search this warning appeared.

Tried 2 more times then managed to start searching.

Won the match, the score screen would not load so i cancelled it, and checked via my profile. First of all it would not show, after 5 minutes or so it was displayed as a loss (weird) i even went up in the rankings.....

Whenever i try to look at build order and any stats for the game i get an error...........
This keeps happening to me now...
bump happening to me now too after patch maintenicnce....

reset my internet and closed and opened some how worked but ......
getting this as well
Oh no... not this again D:
I lost 35 points today trying to join 4v4 matches. I get the exact same message as OP does. Wow... great...
same issue, status locked cant find any games even after re logging
I am also having this issue, locking after 1s, 2s, 3s and 4s. On top of that my status keeps changing to "red: busy" for some reason.

Logging in and out does not "fix" the issue, it prolongs the next happening.
This is also happening to me. I tried to restart my computer, repair and reinstalled. It's not my connection, as World of Warcraft is working fine.
Yeah, it's also happening to me, logging out and logging back in fixes it for 1 game, then it starts happening again..
We're looking into this, and I'll keep you advised. We apologize for the difficulties :)

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Same thing happening for me :(
Also having this issue after today's maintenance.
Glad to see i'm not the only one getting this.
same. Right after I threw a beautiful game I had won against sky toss. I was dropping, I was defending, it was great. Then I threw my entire army way by dropping under 10 charged void rays my vikings chased (let me repeat) MY VIKINGS chased back into his base!
Yup this just happened to me, No Idea why - all buttons disable, like it found me a game, then everything becomes active again like people disconnected, then it said my status was locked.


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