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So I've been playing RPG's for a LONG time now. I've been very, very lucky to be a part of a long-running local gaming group and we've played together (with a few coming and going) for the better part of the last 9 years now. I took over as the GM of the group when our old GM moved away back in 2006. We play using the Hero system rules set (which is to Champions what the d20 system is to DnD, for point of reference. for more info) and have played Champions (a comic book superhero RPG - where the MMO Champions Online grew from) for most of that time. However, I've had an idea rattling around in my head for some time now to translate the Starcraft universe into the Hero system ruleset. So last year, we put away our capes and started a Starcraft campaign. It has really been a blast and I'd like to share our adventures with all of you.

I set the campaign in late 2499 AD, just before the fall of Tarsonis and the Confederacy. The campaign will progress concurrently along with the SC1 campaigns, and may overlap from time to time. The only guidelines I layed out for the players ahead of time were that they would be a unit of Marines in the Terran Confederacy. I gave them all the data on the CMC that I had and they elected to be a Nova Squadron unit. The PCs are as follows:

Cpt. Tzu Bishop - Unit Leader & direct report to Col. Jackson Hauler; Combat/Skills are Leadership, Tactics & Infantry weapons

Lt. Douglas Adams - Unit XO, transfer to CMC from 5th Fleet; Field Medic, Pilot & Small Arms

Sgt. Natalia Rushkov - Ghost, Infiltration specialist; Stealth, Close-quarters combat (Martial Arts & Small Blades) & Psionic focus

Corp. "Zero"- Ghost, Field Survival Specialist, expert marksman; Sniper - also suffers from amnesia, doesn't remember his real name or much of his past prior to being found by the squad.

PFC Franko Tildon, Jr. - Firebat, Heavy Weapons Specialist; has the distinction of being the only squad member to survive a direct attack from an Ultralisk and live while we were playtesting characters!

Pvt Terry Williams - Marine fresh out of the Academy (cue Academy sound); Marksman, Infantry weapons

Vandon Brekker - Not a soldier in the CMC - Mr. Brekker was a convicted felon (B&E, Grand Theft, Destruction of Property, Assault & Battery, Arson) awaiting transport when fate intervened.
The setting is shortly before the fall of the Confederacy but I've taken a few liberties with the "tech" of the era as it were. Zerg Queens, for instance, look more like the modern era Queens developed by the QoB. Personal preference. They also have a lot of the powers of QoB era Queens. Also, just because a unit behaved in a particular way in SC for balancing purposes doesn't necessarily mean the same restrictions apply in the RPG - for instance, nothing stopping a Wraith from firing missiles at a ground structure or a Siege Tank from taking shots at a Carrier or (perhaps most gloriously) that same siege tank getting dive-bombed by a Scourge.

My goals in running the campaign were to:

A) Immerse the players in the SC universe. Lets face it, its a pretty awesome setting for a RPG and "feeling the setting" was my top priority over perfectly recreating each unit in detail, though details are important, too

B) Surprise the players with new things. SC is an old, well known setting by now so introducing new elements and even placing existing characters/ideas in unexpected places spices things up. I'm a huge sci-fi nut in general and will be "borrowing" from lots of other works as well - sometimes even if just for an appreciative chuckle from a player or two who get the reference.

C) See how many new and creative ways they can come up with to kill Zerglings.

I may interject here and there with other thoughts about the campaign in general but without further ado... To the campaign!
Chapter 1.1 - Frontier

Lt. Douglas Adams waited at the orbital docking platform over Tyrador IX for the battlecruiser TCS Tiberius. The last few days had been a whirlwind: his furlough to recuperate from injuries sustained on his last mission cut abruptly short, the shocking transfer to the Confederate Marine Corps (not his idea) at the request of Col. Hauler of Nova Squadron, and now the mysterious orders to rendesvous with the Tiberius for transport to Tarsonis with no other mission objectives given. Nova Squadron was known for its secrets, but if this was any indication of things to come, it was going to be a long assignment for the Lieutenant.

The passage to Tarsonis went without incident as Lt. Adams approached the designated rendezvous point on one of the many orbital stations surrounding the Confederate capitol. Suddenly, he saw a familiar face approaching. He had served with Cpt. Tzu Bishop at the Mistakwa Valley War, one of the more infamous operations during the Guild War. The young Captain (Sgt a the time) had been thrust into a leadership role following the deaths of all his CO's yet managed to orchestrate a guerilla assault combining members of Nova, Delta and Omega squadrons in addition to a wing of Fleet Wraith pilots, one of whom was Adams. They rescued dozens of POWs and took down a key refinery complex, one of many victories that eventually crippled the Kel-Morian forces into defeat.

Bishop & Adams greeted eachother and Bishop informed Adams that he would be the XO of Bishop's new squad. Sgt. Rushkov, a long-time compatriot of Bishop who had insisted on remaining under Bishop's command ever since the MVW, joined the two as well. After being joined by Pvt. Williams, Bishop explained that the squad's orders from Col. Hauler were to board the battlecruiser Tiberius for transport to the operation site on the planet Nomura - a world on the deep fringes of Confederate space & full mission brief would take place once they were underway. There were still missing a squad member though, and were prepping to disembark as PFC Tildon dashed around the corner, gearbag swinging wildly over his massive shoulders and charged on board the battlecruiser in the nick of time.

Several hours out of port, the squad assembled in one of the private comm suites on board the Tiberius for their debrief with Col. Hauler. Hauler explained that the reason for all the secrecy surrounding their highly classified mission to Nomura was that shortly beforehand, mankind had made first contact with an unknown, highly aggressive alien species. Hauler displayed surveillance footage of a Confederate outpost on Chau Sara where a marine installation had been hit by the creatures. A small handful of zerglings ran in and out of firing range of the bunker protecting the installation while a larger number of the creatures tunneled underneath the bunker to burst out of the ground and tear the hardened steel framework to shreds, along with the men stationed inside. Hauler went on to explain that reports of similar creatures had come in from Port Ripley - a remote vespene mining colony on the fringe world Nomura.

After the initial shock that they were not as alone in the Koprolu sector as they had once thought subsided, the team continued the briefing. Hauler outlined their multiple mission objectives:

1) The Tiberius would be making an orbital docking link with the CSV Cortez - a science vessel dispatched to the area to investigate the aliens. The Cortez carried a team of Omega Squadron marines under the command of Maj. Patrick Koehler. Bishop's & Koehler's combined squads would assault the alien compound nearest the main vespene refineries & drive the aliens away through the use of a tactical nuke provided by the Omega team. Once any alien forces in the area were neutralized, the science team could go about collecting tissue samples for xenobiological study.

2) Hauler had received word that a reasonably well-known fugitive - notorious bank robber Vandon Brekker - had been apprehended hiding out on Nomura after stealing $300k credits from a Confederate vault cruiser. Hauler wanted Bishop's team to secure Brekker and bring him back to Tarsonis following their mission for reasons he would not specify. Brekker had already been moved up from the planet to the Cortez brig.

3) Finally, Hauler had intercepted a Psi Ops distress beacon signal from an escape pod that had crashed about 300 km outside of Port Ripley. It was unlikely that any survivors would make it in the desolate wastes of the planet, but it was worth looking into and Hauler didn't trust the Omegas already on-site to handle the situation to Nova Squadron's standards.

Clear on their mission, the team completed their 2 day voyage to Nomura. (cont later.)
Lt. Douglas Adams lol
02/29/2012 05:27 AMPosted by KnarledOne
Lt. Douglas Adams lol

I know, right? Had a good chuckle when the player came to me with that one too. Naturally had to have him hitch a ride to Tarsonis to start the campaign. Also, he's the only PC who included a Towel in his personal belongings.
I was just talking to some buddies about maybe doing a StarCraft RPG, using Hero System 5th ed, and got some positive feedback. I was wondering if you had done up many of the powers and abilities, and would be willing to share these packages with me/us.
07/15/2013 07:36 AMPosted by AdeptusTech
I was just talking to some buddies about maybe doing a StarCraft RPG, using Hero System 5th ed, and got some positive feedback. I was wondering if you had done up many of the powers and abilities, and would be willing to share these packages with me/us.

REALLY? Look at the date this was made. -_- You just necroed it.
And then some.

It strikes me as odd, though, that this never went anywhere. 'Twas extraordinarily detailed, and I was interested in hearing how it went.

Though, naturally, I had forgotten it existed or that I ever posted on it until today.

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