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Fellow zerg amigos....I have a few thoughts I wanted to share with ya'll to get us talking about a few of the zerg tactics and mechanics. I worked my way up to diamond league in 1's and 2's, and would like to keep the replies to diamond and platinum players please. This is not because of any elitist mentaility (note that I myself said I had to "work my way up" and Diamond really isn't THAT intense), it just would help us all if we could keep replies to players from platinum and diamond...as the strats in silver/gold are not really viable when compared to plat/diamond players that play zerg scout/harass the way it should be. Thanks and moving on....

1- You Diamond/Platinum players....are you using roaches BESIDES vs zealots? I rarely use them...and find that ling/baneling/muta/ultra-bombers works well vs toss AND terran who are going mech. My lings/baneling handle mmm balls/thors and mutas harass well while ultras handle the late game. Ya'll using roaches often?

2- What about roach to muta? Usually players are going roach to hydra, but occasionally i see roach/muta....thoughts?

3-Infestors. These, prior to the recent nerf to the duration of infested parasite, WERE a big staple of our army. Not so much it seems any more. 12 sec mind control? Pretty short eh? Anyone using these? I like fungus...but seem to just prefer more mutas lol.

4-Scouting. Sure my lings can scout some after my initial scout drone, but there is a period in the game in between overlord speed upgrade where I can frequently be blocked off by the front of the base to scout by terran AND toss. What are you all doing when blocked off for tier 1 - tier 1.5 scouting? Just sacrafice the SLOW overlord? Thoughts?

5- Ultras. Some games they can rumble vs terran or toss....have had them DECIMATED by hydras of all things many times. When are you using these?

6-Hydra/Roach armies. Can't seem to like em. Hydra's slow movement compared to mutas just seems lackluster...but I've seen it work. When and how often are you using hydras zergies?

7- 2v2 diamond players. I play with my best friend IRL who rolls with terran. We are now diamond...and do moderately well. I usually keep it simple and speedling to banelings with mutas...occasionally going roaches. Please provide any BROAD 2v2 strats or ideas here with my comp in mind. Infestors in 2's at all? Never? Hydras (which I seem to not like)? I seem to constatntly get mutas out and have my lings to support.....can get a bit old....this the main deal w zerg in 2's?

Thanks guys.
oh and....for ze zerg!!!
I haven't 2v2 at all but I was just thinking about it earlier about having units from one faction following your partners units to put a composition together by range. For example, a front wall of ultras with a single line of roaches following who can range 3 through the ultras. Then 2 lines of range 5 marines following the roaches and a line of range extended hydras following them. Would medivacs be able to heal all that bio from both teams?
kind of an interesting idea. Anyone else have answers to some of the other questions as well?
I love blings to death... but if u win a battle with blings you better have a army ready to make right after because you just suicided have your troops, meaning you alot of larvae before the battle ready to be morphed or an already established army to clean up. So I guess for me it depends how my economy is going at that point. Roaches on the otherhand are not suicide units therefore if you win the battle you still have whats left of your army. Mutas are gas users but they necessary, I guess the choice is would you rather use bling or roach because they are same gas, bling more of a defensive stance, roach more of an offensive stance
1. I never use roaches against zealots because with stalker back up they become ineffective. I only use them to surprise collosi and that is rarely. I never build a roach warren in 90% of my games.

2. See above for my thoughts on roach/muta. I actually prefer ling/bling/muta.

3. Infestors, while getting nerfed, are still a great addition to any army. They work especially well against people who A-click their force. I try to keep them on inaccessible high ground that is the route from my opponents base to my own. When the enemy army passes by, I will FG half of the army so it splits in 2. If they stay all together, I will do it again to give me time to build more more counter units or get into a better position. A single infestor can neural twice. I have also seen a terran player with MMT who deployed his siege tanks to give cover to the FG marines and mauraders so i threw infested terran in the middle of the FGd force and decimated them.

4. Instead of sacrificing an overlord (I usually tech quickly) I upgrade to an overseer. 50/100 is a better option to me. He gets a speed upgrade and a changeling which can scout more effectively than a slow overlord. Otherwise, I keep 2-3 zerglings outside their base on patrol so I know when they move out with army comp. 1 at the main ramp, 1 at expo so I know if they only moved out to expand and then 1 at the expo exit.

5. Ultras are a good endgame against anything terran and any ground protoss. I would never use them against fellow zerg because they are easily countered with hydras and mutas. I normally try to not let the game go on to tier 3 though.

6. Only if I see a VR rush and thats because I built the hydras anyway.

Just my 2 cents.
1) My 2v2 is crap, and I win through early pressure. So I have little input for you ):

2) In my 1v1, Roach to Muta is sustainable. Just don't forget to get that gas before or while you are getting that lair. Also, don't forget that you'll probably still have minerals left over for zerglings, so pump those out as well and with a roach ling muta combo, you should have some pretty impressive map control. Also, Roach to muta helps when your opponent continues to pump out units such as zealots, zerglings, or marines, and your mutas just can't kill them fast enough. If they've switched to something completely different (ie. Mass Stalkers + Void Rays), and disregarded those units, you're good to go with the Muta / Ling, and should invest the extra gas in more mutas or teching to tier 3.

3) I'd rather ignore infestors all together. Fungal growth are useful midgame, but I'd rather switch to something that will last until end-game. In 2v2, I add infestors because there's a longer likelihood that one of the two might go melee, and against that, infestors are really helpful, especially against other zerg, since Zerglings and Roaches have melee and short range (respectfully) but are the bread and butter of the army.

4) I send my overlords to ALL of the expos. I only pull them back once sniping becomes part of their strat. Like most zerg players, I keep that zergling at the towers and in front of their base. Until you get speed, just get the overseer once you get the lair and try to take a peak in their base. I do this especially when I've sent in that zergling to the choke, and see too few units.

5) I always use them if the game hasn't switch to an air vs air kinda thing (very rare typically). The problem with Ultras is that they require some extent of micro, which is making room for them to attack. Make sure they're always at the front of your charge, or better yet, make sure they attack first from a flanking position, while the roach / muta / hydra back up come in after they've been engaged. What you see most of the time is a bio/ball of zerg, but unlike terran or toss, we have three units which compete for the short range engagement: roaches, zergligns and utlralisks.

6) Hydras will complement any army. They don't take the role they used to in Broodwar, where they could be massed (they get ripped to shred by Upraded tier 1 and melee) but I found them useful even when it was mutalisk / zergling. Mutas have a shorter range than most air units, so they engage relatively close, letting the hydras take a clear shot at the opponents ground based anti air. What you're left with is an opponent surrounded with lings, mutas, and getting shot from afar with hydras. As for Roach and Hydra, there's only one problem with their synergy, and that's the slow hydra speed off creep. I won't be harassing with a hydra roach army, but i make sure to bring one or two queens to push my creep where-ever my army goes.

7) Sorry, no viable input here.

Here is what i basically do in 2v2 just sort of a broad strategy available to huge interpretation I am Diamond in 2s 3s and 4s but gold in 1s. I open with a 13 pool 13 extractor and get speed fairly quickly when i get to about 22 supply i expo and i scout before then if i see mass rine/ling ill get banes if i see more macro play i will drone up get muta ling for serious base harass and use infestor to use when we get pushed or when we make a combined push seems to work extremely well and also never forget about the upgrades most important thing and **Medivac's do heal zerg ally units** muta/medivac is crazy
if more agressive play from the opponent i will just make units/ spines and defend.
Hydra / Roach requires very good creep spread to be effective offensively.

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