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OOC: Hypocrite.

IC: While Calek is mauled by a group of Roaches, others begin heading back to Garblad's Hive Cluster, hoping to take advantage of the damage he suffered from the Plague.
They live to serve Garblad under respect.
IC: The monstrous Hydralisk slithers towards the edge of the hive, it's wings propelling him a lot. "Roaches will not pass." It spreads its wings and arms in a wide fashion.
Skuhjukha, the Stomper leader of the group, laughs. His feet are like huge hammers that he uses to crush ground enemies. He now aims a powerful blow at this foolish creature who dares oppose him...
I see the Terran scientist approaching and before he gets too close, I message him with my mind. Greetings Terran. We've come to offer our assitance. However, it would be wise to call off the marines. I'm very close to saving the Zerg the trouble of killing them.
5 locusts burst out of the egg sacks and surround the large Roach. "You will feel pain. Our master rules through respect. You are ruled through the minds of others. Fight back and you will see our way."
How did they maul me without touching me o.0
That was kind of tongue-in-cheek.

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5 locusts burst out of the egg sacks and surround the large Roach. "You will feel pain. Our master rules through respect. You are ruled through the minds of others. Fight back and you will see our way."

Skuhjukha's small mind is already made up. He stomps one of the locusts into paste, then rushes forward, roaring. The rest of the Roaches charge as well, following behind him.
The Hydralisk takes out four Roaches and the locusts start jumping on Roaches mauling them. 8 Hydralisks unburrow underneath the Roaches. Taking several out by chomping down.
Skuhjukha may not be smart, but he knows a priority target when he sees it. He makes straight for the multi-limbed Hydra, intent on smashing it to a pulp. Meanwhile the Roaches, including some Hedgers (spine covered variant that causes melee enemies to take some of their own damage), attack the Locusts and Hydralisks.
It smacks the large Roach aside with 3 arms and kills six other Roaches.
This Roach is Ultralisk size... it does not tend to get "smacked aside."
"His egg was a Hydralisk den...."
I smash open the door, to see a Faloria on the verge of death. I bend down to help him, and then the welder emitted a stray spark. Luckily I was on the very outside, the creep creating a wall of steam that protected me from too many injuries. I could handle most of the pain- I had been through a lot worse.

Faloria, on the other hand, was in terrible condition. Not sure what to do, I gingerly picked him up and began carrying him back to the Dome. Nothing short of Protoss tech could cure him.

OOC: Planning to do something involving reactivating protoss base, Faloria=dragoon? maybe.
I was thinking, what about some tech, mixed with a Goliath. I think it looks alot more stylish and the Dragoons pathing is terrible lol.
Wfawwer, would you mind if I joined this RP. I find myself not looking forward to the breakneck speed the other threads are going.

It amazes me that the Cloaked Love (V1) filled up as fast as they did. All but one of the popular topic list... *sigh*


Zergs are stupidly hard to RP. They are so damn one dimensional.

Yeah. With the protoss we could probably do some high-tech grafting and such.
I wouldn't mind Zanon.

IC: I arrive at the main base and see a group of protoss.

Thank god.

"Er... I have someone who's about to die here. I'm going to assume you're here to help as you aren't dead. Is there anything that could save him?"
I look the Terran over and call the High Templar over. "Brother, do what you can. I must speak to the Terran who brought him here." The High Templar nodded and took Faloria. I pulled his friend aside. "How did your friend get these injuries?"
I just gave you plenty of work to do.
My face was looking sickly and I was coughing up blood.

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