[Bug] 10+ second lag at match start since 1.5

Bug Report
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This patch it was not ready for the public.
• Not all players in a game are starting a match at the same time.
We are investigating this issue but it appears to happen with lower end machines and could be related to running other programs in the background.

. I would like to add that when I run sc2 I shutdown all bg applications and I run gamebooster, which shuts down even more processes.
I also have the problem and this machine is anything but low end
I don't understand why they would post that in the official thread and not tell us anything in our threads. Its like a wild goose chase trying to get an answer
I start 15 seconds into the game. Glad to see I'm not the only one, very relieving. Bnet please fix this asap.
Hey there! Try setting your shader/shadow detail to medium or above. For some reason this fixed the issue for me. goodluck!
Same here. I have lowered my graphics settings and it still happens.

I can see this 12-16 second lag by watching all of my replays. I see my workers just standing there while everyone else is mining.
Same bug here.

Repro: Repeatedly start Cloud Kingdom custom games against 1 very hard AI.
Result: In-game timer reads 7 or 8 seconds when it first becomes visible.

This behavior started as soon as I applied the 1.5 patch. Never seen this before, and nothing about my setup changed.

One interesting note - I've always run on "low" graphics settings across the board, though my PC is capable of much higher settings (just to get the simplest visuals for competitive play). Switching the settings to "medium" across the board consistently drops the delay from 7-8s to 3-4s. This is 100% reproducible. Perhaps this is why Blizzard theorizes that the issue may be limited to slow PCs - those just happen to correlate with people who run on lowest graphics settings.

Pre-emptive thanks to Blizzard for what I'm sure will be a quick fix!

We are so beyond anything that can be called a 'quick fix'. They've literally been giving me (and as far as I can tell from all these posts) everyone with this issue the run-around since 1.5 came out the better part of a month ago.

Dear Blizzard, all this implicit 'lolz it's ur crummy machine bro close pandora u will be fine k?' is as unhelpful as it is condescending.

Fix. Your. Game.
I found that changing the settings to medium lowered the amnt of lag but I am still 6+ seconds behind my opponent
Reporting same here. 10-15 seconds lag spike before I can select anything. Hurts a lot in PvP D:
same issue, i start 15 seconds late every game.
Yep, same thing here. This never happened prior to patch 1.5.
Has anyone else experimented with medium settings? I found that they lessened the lag at the start by 5-6 seconds from my previous :15-:17 starts. Fix low settings!
I'll give that medium settings thing a shot, see if it improves and ill report back.
Confirming that medium does reduce lag. However, I prefer low so it would be great if we could get any sort of feedback.
Why does Blizzard want us to play on medium settings so bad? pls fx!
Im in Argentina, and the bug appears after the patch!
bump because of no answer
blizzard please say something...

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