The need to Survive Part 2

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I dodge around a strike from the shadow and cut it down. Approaching Leon, I grasp the sword hilt. "I'm gonna pull it out, ready?"
Leon whispers. "Leave it in, if you pull it out I will bleed out before you bring a medic here. And I can't see worth !@#$, they blinded me."
I think for a moment then nod. "Alright, on the count of three, as I pull, you step forward until I say stop. One, two, three!" I start pulling.
Leon starts to walk.
Yell help when you want my help. I say to Jared, my presence still hidden.
<Watch for more Shadow people.> "Stop." By this point, the sword was out of the wall and Leon could move around a bit. "Let's get you to the medivac."
Leon and them reached the Medivac, he slumped himself on a bench. *Cursing under breath*
Calling back the Blood Hunters and making sure Zaros was on board, the medivac takes off. "We'll be back at base soon. Then you'll get proper medical attention." A medic had removed the blade and sealed the wound with her med laser.
Edited. You didn't exactly specify.
I give a low pitch growl.
"Zaros, cool it. We're gonna need to work together to suvive."

DMing: Ketong was worried for the village. The Shadowwalkers were bolder then before, striking at the village itself. He and his warriors were tired, but the fought on. He was also concerned for the strangers. One of their camps had only two survivors and there were reports of the others being targeted. The Elder approached him. "One of the Shamans has seen what will come to pass if we fail to destroy them this time." Ketong nods and calls two of his warriors. They set out for the nearest camp, the one's called Raiders.
"I have no Terran, nor any Zerg personality. What I am, is a culmination of what I have seen and heard; what I have learned and experienced. Your personality is not based upon race, but upon memories and feelings. And I can and will stop the Timeless One, at any cost. They are a threat to all of our existence, and I will not stand for that. I am actually quite surprised it has not murdered you yet..."
Athazual returns to the entrance, and regards the other brood leader.
You request for me to reconsider what I am doing. You ask me to form an alliance with the others here in order to survive. She points a 'finger' at him in disgust.
You have become one of the things we kill. You have become soft and pathetic, like the Terran. You have lost touch with the one thing you were. She replies back, spitting every word out. Another roar is heard from deeper within, this time, the roar echoes psionically, being heard almost everywhere. A rush of displaced air is heard, and several zerglings suddenly dropped dead. Athazual stops pointing at Calek, and adds
His hunt begins. And now, I have other things to attend to. She moves further into the cavern, heading up to observe the structures being made further up the mountain.
If I may, Jester, your camp is under attack as well.
She has become what is the worst aspect of our race. Hatred and vengeance, in its purest form. She needs to be taught what life truly is, and I shall be the one to teach her. For now, I must stop this beast before it may pass. I think to myself.

I form a shield around myself, and prepare for the enemy.
OOC: Thats why I have spine crawlers. XD.

IC: The team sent out to attack the barge returns, and begins assisting in the defense of the base. As for the Timeless One, however, it was just a blur, fighting the shadows with a blood-lust that even the Zerg can't match. The Zerg ranged units keep back, trying to avoid getting close. Several Spine crawlers and sunken colonies also defended the other side, keeping the Shadows back while four queens healed them and fired from range.

Harbinger opens up on the Shadows with the mini-gun, while Chimera starts firing at them with rockets. The APCs continued to advance, running over the shadows while they continued on their way.
Wait, I thought the Timeless One was in the cave with you and I. I was going to fight it o.O How did it get out without me noticing?
That rush of displaced air plus the dead zerglings were due to it. And its not some slow tanky creature.
Ah, ok. Thought that was just an emanation of power or something :P

IC: I turn to the entrance, and blast a path through the enemies. I reach the front, and form a large sphere of energy, containing only me and the Timeless One. All else can only be seen.

"And now, we fight." I say, again prepping my shield and powers.

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