The Dishonored (Umoja's Plains Sequal)

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I follow Markus in and take a seat next to him, my hands ready to activate the hidden blades in less then a heart beat, and my mind primed to activate the cloak. "So why are we here again?"
Fenris retracted the Fangs. Are we going to have to assassinate some targets this time? He asks himself. It had been a long while since he last assassinated someone.
"Take it easy, Torvus." Markus assured.

"Welcome Gentlemen." Said a man in a suit.
"Get to the point." Markus said.
"We need you as mercenaries." Mark gave him a look that said "NO DUUURRRR!!!"

"My name is Yuun." Said the man in the Tux
"What do you want from us?" Markus asked

[Paused to allow Torvus to interject if you wanted]
Seeing no reason to anger the guards, I walk toward where we are motioned to, humming a tune just loud enough so that only I can hear.
I chuckle. "Don't need names, need objectives."
@The Group: The guards lead the rest of the group to another room. They box you in, so there is only one place you can go. A door. Tobin walks over and opens the door, revealing a empty room with only one large window. If you were to peer through the window all you would see was space.


"We need you to hunt and kill a few people."
"Whats the catch?"
"We need you to do it... at the same time."
"The more time you have between each kill the harder it will be to kill each target."
"Because they will catch on..."
Yuun hesitated.
"The Umojan Protectorate"

[Pause for interjection]
I laugh at that one. "Umojan Protectorate? You sods really are off your walker. Markus, lets just scrap this one before we get caught up in some personal vendetta."
Jackson turns his cloaking on and off, testing various systems in his suit while he waits.

{Mr. Matar, please stop disrupting the systems of which I have already tested.} A female voice, his A.I., says within the suit. Jackson just grins, and tests the servos in his arms and legs, just waiting for the call to action.
Markus leaned in his seat toward Yuun. He then glanced at Torvus.
"Who and why do you wish these people dead?"
"They know something that I dont want them knowing."
"If I told you then you would be my next target!" Yuun raised his voice.

[Pause for interjection] You dont have to interject, I just want to give you the opportunity
I pull an powderless grenade out of my pack, and start fiddling with it.
Yuun pulls out a file and sets it on the desk. "You can look it over." Markus takes it and gives it to Torvus. Every time Torvus reads a name you have a flashback of clips of the news.

Joranis [censored]
Phil Turner
Graal [censored]
Zanon [censored]
Valens [censored]
Jack Desmond
Nina Kalvau

The amounts of information on each target is disturbing.

@The group: The guards make sure you dont go anywhere.
I shake my head. "I'm sorry, but I'm not touching a single one of those names. What happened in those wasn't their fault." I hand the list back. "Besides, this sounds more like a personal vendetta."
"You dont know that." Yuun began, "I know exactly what happened on the DayBreak and if the Public knew..."

Markus stayed silent, letting Torvus speak his mind. It was more valuable to him that he knew exactly where Torvus stood on the mission then to try to intervene.
"I don't give a d@mn what you think you know. I also know you were transporting several illegal goods. In fact," One of my hidden blades pop out, and I point it at Yuun, "You're still marked with a bounty. You're lucky Markus finds higher paying jobs then I could alone, or you'd have been dead when I came across the DayBreak." I glance at the list of names again. "Why would you want them all dead anyways? They've been inconspicuous enough that we haven't had requests before now. Again, personal vendetta. I say we scrap it and leave."
"Im going to fill you in on a little secret." Yuun leaned in, "What happened on the DayBreak was 100% Intentional."


ADDED: Yuun stood up and jabbed a finger at Torvus "I share your anger!" Yuun raised his voice again. Fear and hate fluctuated in his voice.
I simply chuckle. "You think I'm angry? That's funny. Really I think I'll collect right now. That alright with you, Markus?"
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"Calm yourslef, Torvus. You tell us why you want these people dead and I will consider it."

Yuun paused for a long ten seconds.

"My father... was the captain of that ship..." Yuun sat down and stared into the abyss. "He told me every detail of all of his flights. This one... He told me something was wrong... that something was... misplaced." Yuun made eye contact. Tears were forming in his eyes. "But he went anyways... After what happened I knew that my father marched to his death willingly. I also knew that what happened on the daybreak wasn't an accident. The survivors of that incident arn't survivors by chance, they have to know something"

Yuun became furious. "I have to know exactly why my father marched to his death willingly!"

Good Evening Mr. Devroy The words again rang in Mark's head. He too, was lost in thought about his father.
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OOC: I'm gonna call it night, but I will be on at about 6:20ish tomorrow morning (central time.)

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