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I have asked before if anyone was experiencing high temperatures with their MacBook Pro ever since patch 1.5 was released and it looks like there are a few of us that are concerned with it.

But, I am not sure if anyone has asked if there are ways to reduce the temperature. I run the SMC Fan Control app while running my SC2, but this somehow has not reduce the temperature. Before the 1.5 Patch, I was averaging less than 80 degress (Celsius) with SMC running but now it has reached between 95-97 degrees.

Why the sudden change in temperatures?

Mac support please help!
I am surprised to say that 1.5.3 patch has reduce dramatically the temperature of my MBP.

Thanks Blizzard.
1.5.3 implemented the same CPU fix that WoW has back in 5.0.4. Forgot to add that was snuck in :)
My 2011 Imac has a noticeable drop in temperature after 1.5.3.

52 degrees Celsius pre -1.5.3 (while playing SC2 in 'high settings')

43 degrees Celsius post -1.5.3 (SC2 'high')

Thanks Bliz.

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