The Invasion: Redux

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I do, but well, actually, feel free. Mark, Look at everyone elses application, then follow suit. Make's for a bit more customization.
10/10/2012 10:18 AMPosted by MarkusDaWise
He wouldn't enjoy bossing me around? Whatever, you know better then I would.

I'd be willing to give it a shot.
Alright, up to you two. I'll see how it goes before passing judgement."
You tell me what to do, I do it. Sounds fun... but... Zarkuns prolly right XD
You haven't made the edits yet.
SO, just how are we going to start this?
I'll DM Terran entrance on the Dropship, the Zerg ones are left to you. Once Mark edit's his character sheets, I'll get us rolling.
I need to edit something? What? Sorry :S
Refer to post 21. And fix your back story for your second guy. You sorta C&P failed.
Yeah, Markus, there's a few details that you copied from one sheet to the other. Vary it up, dude.
It was an accident :P
It's all good. I've done things like that as well.
Dude, their backstory's were identical to the letter.
I coppied and pasted it so I didn't have to rewrite: Name: Age: etc. Then I forgot to edit to backstory.

I am sorry! Gee wiz!
And so we begin!

As the drop ship descends to the surface, you can see out the windows. When you look down, you see the hellish surface of Char, explosions occasionally seeable as a wave of Zerg are repelled. And if you look even with the ship, you see Zerg fliers and Dominion and Raiders fighters battling for air supremacy. I sat silently, surveying some of the newer people. "So, how ya'll feel about our little truce?" As if I didn't already know. I'll deal with the Dominion only if they get in the way though. I'll let them be for now.
Diethelm watched the whole thing unfolding from his seat, Martha's Testament was in his hands and it was one of the biggest Autocannon's you're going to see. "It's alright, I don't have any choice in the matter though. If I play my cards, I get my freedom after what I did." He remembered that day on Tarsonis and after they had made it out of there alive.

Going to be doing the Brood and doing a post of it soon okay?
(Quick Question: how soon does this take place after the Xel Naga artifact is used?)
Jake Carpenter looked at the man who spoke first, "Raynor is foolish to wage war against the dominion at this time, I'm glad he came to his senses."


Do you care if Tyler starts on the planet since he is a reaper and all?
I do. All of you arrive via dropship, no questions. And that's fine CR. And fairly soon after, Thunder. I'm not one hundred percent sure as smylez never really gave a time.

IC: I chuckle at the marine. "Raynor seems to be the only one besides the other Raiders who knows who Mengsk is." The drop ship rocked a bit and the pilot came on the intercom.

[Five minutes to touch down ladies and gents. Be ready and enjoy the last bit of peace you're gonna get for awhile.] He cuts out and I sigh. I hadn't known peace for a long time. I glance out a window as a viking shoots down a Mutalisk.

"Least we're winning the sky fight."
Tyler Edwards butted in the conversation, "I dont care who Mengsk really is, as long as he fends of the Zerg, I dont care."

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