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"There shouldn't be any trouble in doing so. These ruins have a magically locked door, a protector, and something stored within."

OOC: To let you know Fantasy, my character is oblivious that you're in there.

As The explorer, walked towards the temple, he noticed the temple doors were thrown open, and had long been destroyed. The statue in the front was shattered, and its arms and body were chipped.

Seth heard a voice, " Seth, you have been in this temple far longer than everyone else. A few Innocents, and one searching for knowledge have arrived. Unlike those violent brutes from earlier, Guide them to the main chamber."
Seth opened his eyes, and stared at the ghost, one of the keepers. The spirit of the hero, could destroy anyone. He nodded, and removed a pale silver mask. He placed it over his head. Walking like a shadow, he arrived at the beginning of the maze that was the temple.
Wearing the mask, he said in a quiet tone, "Welcome in! I was told to guide you, the seeker of knowledge to the center."

Reposting an old post because it actually makes sense now. So many freaking false lead ins before!
Please reconfirm where those beastmen are. I want to know if we find them dead or alive or at all.
The Beastmen, stared at the entrance of the ruined temple.
The gate into the temple was two pillars, carved from fine marble, they stood on either side of a cave, cut into the mountain.
Staring ahead into the dark cave they saw the outline of a human. But when they approached it was only a statue. In its right hand was a staff, and it stared at them. It's cold stone eyes seemed to pierce into all the Beastmen.
The scent of blood came from within the cave, and the statue watched as they entered.
Within the darkness of the ruined temple, they passed the ruins of a series of statues, all worn, and partially destroyed. Do to the damage it seemed as though they lamented, about the brutal destruction of their kind, despite the destruction being long ago.
In their hands were swords, shields, spears, and every other weapon.
Next to the garden of statues, was a large lake. Blind fish swam through the water, and aquatic predators, wandered through the lake.
The winding cave from there split into thousands of different passageways, a labyrinth, unnavigatable by the poor Beastmen who relied on the stars. Statues lined both sides, glaring down on them with unseeing eyes, crying out that the holy ground was stained with murderers, killers of the just, and raiders not serving justice.
Because they were lost, they were fearful. And the fact they heard footsteps, every now and then, footsteps that were not their own, made then even more so.
Eventually, there was a door. A stone door.
One left shut.
They now had two options, open the door, or try to blindly retrace their path.
Seth wandered through his home, as a Child he used to play here often. The spirits of the dead were calm and peaceful, as long as they liked you. He long had become accustomed to the shadowy, benevolent look of the statues, and took care of them. Yet he was no mason, he could not restore them to their previous glory.
He took a deep breath, and looked at the ground. Tracks... And fresh ones. He could hear a distant clattering of footsteps. That door! Seth's mind raced forward. The inner sanctum... Then he relaxed. They weren't anywhere near it

Knarled hasn't responded.

Malata laughed and lofted herself into the air again. "Then what are we waiting for? Let us see these ruins of yours, Azon."


"I agree. We do not have all day."
I stretch out a hand and almost catch the fireball. I juggle it from hand to hand for a moment. I smile. She was probably expecting some sort of doge.

"To a pulp? No that wasn't me. I'm not messy. Loud... but not messy."

I send the fireball at the ground in front of her. There is a hiss and pop as the ball impacts, leaving a circle of charred ground.
We start our way to the temple.

---Time Skip-----

We arrived at the ruins, the condition of the building better than what I saw most of the time. A man approached, something that I really never saw at these places.

"Ok. We'll follow you if you can prove you're not trying to kill us."
Kyle slowly comes to, his body reluctant to move after only a few hours of sleep. He was sure Ryan was having similar problems with his own morning routine. Getting up, he goes about his routine, the only thing different was the swords he strapped on. Instead of the normal iron long swords, he strapped on the blades of Rylos, striding out to the parade grounds, where Ryan was waiting. "Morning." Kyle grunts and looks over the men as they hurried to get stuff ready for the march. Eventually, Kyle spotted Kie in the mix.

"Oi! Kie, front and center!"
I looked at the ruins and it was the same as in the memories and I smiled wide. "This is the place I'm supposed to be...This amulet unlocked something that was left for me by my family that I saw in a vision that it gave."
Kie walked forward and gave a salute, his sword to his side and his shield on his back. He was ready for battle.
Kyle returns the salute before dropping it. "At ease." Waiting for anyone who didn't need to know yet to leave, he faces Kie. "Has anyone asked where we were last night?"
Kie shook his head. "No sir, no questions and no suspicions at all."
OOC: We need a map... I have no idea where I even am relative to everyone else, other than some undefined distance to the west.
I continue through the maze that was the interior. I just kept following the inscriptions, the place was too dark for any normal person to see. But I was not normal. I was a user of the Void.
Kyle nods. "Good, make sure it stays that way. If there are questions, refer them to me and I'll decide how much they need to know." Ryan grabbed a nearby soldier and checked his spear. Kyle recognized him as a wind ruination mage. After conversing for a minute, the two walked off, comparing spells and strategies.
"Sir, do you smell that?"

"Yes, there's hints of that Sylt'ar who ran off earlier."

"Well, that too, but don't you smell the trace of other beastmen."

"I do not, but your nose is stronger than mine." I walk towards the temple. "It looks like this place has seen a battle. You sure this is the place that the vision referred to Simiras?"

OOC: Are there steps leading up to the temple? The temple is built into a cave huh? How high is the entrance? What's its dimensions?
OOC: No more "realtime". Not really enforceable.

"That is an interesting skill you have there. I expected you to dodge. Alright, if you can hold off this level of an attack with what you just did, you can help me hunt this celestial as these are the levels of spells you'll be facing. If you are as good as you say, then I'll put in a good word for you if you want a job in the military.

"Are you ready?" Agathe raises a magic shield. Water from the river rises and form pair of spears. "They won't kill you, but they'll hurt quite a bit." The pair of spears zoom quickly towards the man.
The pubs around the city are abuzz at the news of a new regiment.

"Have you heard? The Red Barons rises once more!"

"Really? The king has decided to raise his old banner again? I thought he retired it? Is High Overlord Laccadan leading it?"

"No! They found someone take over the helm!"

"So who is in charge of the unit?"

"I heard it is Cleo who served under Laccadan!"

"Cleo? The Black Ice is leading the Red Barons? They found someone scary."

"I heard she is a beauty! I can't wait to see her!"

"She's a beauty alright, I'll give you that. That's why she's called the Black Ice. A beautiful, alluring and dangerous girl who is brutal in a fight. She is very nasty with the spear. And those cold, piercing blue eyes and that faint smile..."

"Have you met her?"

"Have I met her? No, no, of course not! Only rumors I've heard sonny! Anyway, I hear the ceremony is going to begin sometime today in the main courtyard. Looks like the king is gearing up for a serious war."
The entrance is Taller than the tallest Beastman, Three steps to reach the entrance point. Just inside it, is the statue.
The temple has a maze of passages, built into the entire mountain. Basically, the Temple is the mountain, and it is protected by a series of Impenetrable, undetectable, Arcane barriers.

And Seth is still standing at the front.
Impenetrable, undetectable, Arcane barriers

Magic always leaves traces to be found until a certain amount of time passes. Stronger spells leave stronger impressions and take longer to fade. There is no such thing as absolutely impenetrable and undetectable magic. Due to the nature of the magic the temple is employing, there will always be faint traces left around. Can it be dispelled? Perhaps. A mage will be able to detect magic of any source depending on the spell and how strong the mage is. That of course, is up to the RPer to decide the mage's strength.
And you are forgetting Fantasy that I RPed it where the ruins had something to do with my family and that the amulet was the key. So it could just detect the traps for me.
10/11/2012 05:02 PMPosted by smylez
Red Barons

Final Fantasy 4? XD

IC: I see a man standing in front of the temple. I am confused by the sight. I walk up to him. "What is a man like you doing in a place like this?"
As long as it's not the Empyrean relic of the Beastmen (which also is an aulet), you can do proceed with your idea. Perhaps it can be counted as a "lost" treasures of the royal family or something.

Shhhhh! Say nothing! Seth is in his mid 20s by the way.

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