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Noct's stomach lets out a fairly audible gurgle. Even crap food was still food, after all.

"Considering my last meal was well over two days ago, I'd like to get something that isn't some disgusting lab food for once!" He says following Stefan.


When Kyle picks up the drone, he notices it gently tugs every once and awhile to a slightly distant hill, with a tree at the top, as if it were trying to lead him away...
I chuckle. "Sounds like a few well placed flamethrowers are in demand. I got a few to spare if you need." I head down the ramp, Glacies in hand, along with a det knife. "Let's make this fast."
"Torvus, make yourself confortible, if you're trying to cut everyones head off how can you expect to make a good impression?


"The little guy is trying to tell me something..." Kyle says studying its every move, "How much time do you have before we have to go back?" Kyle asked Salem.
Rebecca ignored the screams and made it to her quarters, the room was dark and she locked the door. The wound was making her arm pulse with feeling and the veins through out her entire left arm were black.
Stefan shakes his head;
"That won't kill them fast enough. All you'd get out of that is a flaming necromorph in the face."
He says, following Torvus, alert for trouble.
Salem just glared at him. "Now, we can't waste time out here without transportation. Don't worry it's not that far now." He finds his rifle on the ground and picks it up.
"I'm not lopping off everyone's head, just being cautious. Especially if they can come out anywhere."
"Torvus, make yourself confortible, if you're trying to cut everyones head off how can you expect to make a good impression?"

Stefan rounds on Markus, anger in his voice;
"You don't get it? Do you? Every singe bloody ventilation shaft is a freaking danger zone! Everyone, stay armed and ready, this place isn't friendly."
What the four men saw made them instantly freeze. There was a necromorph, and it appeared to have been shot. It was clearly dead, but writhing as the last nerve signals were sent through its body. Next to it lie a human figure, bloody and battered.
"It's....all my fault." he gasped, and began crawling towards them. The men rushed forward to help, and then noticed There appeared to be something written on his forehead in blood, it read "Death takes the guilty first." The men looked on in horror at him, although they thought he still had a chance to live. Suddenly, the ground began shaking, and the lights went out...all was dark.

When the lights came on seconds later, Javier was gone....vanished. And on the wall in blood were the words "All shall die". One of the men, named Jack, looked at the others and saw only Necromorphs. Though Necromorphs they were not.

"What the hell are you? NO, NO GET AWAY!" Jack said, and with that, he shot all 3 of them...killing them instantly. The lights flickered once more, and a chill came over Jack. The next thing he saw was simply blackness....

Another man came to the door as well, and saw a room filled with blood, and the lone body of Jack, who had been ripped wide open.
I nod to Stefan then step aside. "You know where you're going."
OOC: Last post of the night, in case Markus wants to know whats happening:

At the top of the hill, the drone keeps incessantly pulling towards a slight dip in the hill. When stepped on, it seemed to bounce as if it were a trampoline...
"Take us to your leader." Markus says, following Stefan.

Thanks Morrjo, but remember, I need to know what's going to happen far before it happens or else we have to backpedal a ton if I dont want it to happen.
Stefan nods, all business;
"Everyone, stay close. Torvus, lock your ship up tight. Lets move."
With that Stefan heads into the compound, quickly heading for the mess hall.
{This is Hawkeye, we're coming in, over.}

Relasta groaned.

Oh, goodie. You're awake. Listen, that was fun, we need to do that more.

She groaned again. "Shaddup." Memories flashed through her mind, particularly what she had done to Graal, and her eyes shot open. "!@#$." She slowly pushed herself up, shaking her head. She caught sight of Graal and Linnzie sitting on a nearby bench, and gulped.

I hit a switch on my PDA and Bladerunner seals up tight. I then proceed to follow Stefan. "How long ya'll been stuck here?"
{Mike and Trevor are in the mining operations room waiting your arrival, how many guests do we have and are they hostile in any way? over.}
Stefan alters corse, heading for the op room;
{Three with me, there's more on the ship. Negative on the hostiles. over.}
There are two guards stationed outside the door, that is not usual. When the door opened Mike and Trevor looked up, then examined the guests.

"Greetings, my name is Mike and this is Trevor." Mike shakes Mark's hand and motions to Trevor. Mike then offers his hand to Torvus.
I sheath the knife and shake it, but remain ever watchful. "Hear you have a pest problem?"
Stefan parks himself in the corner farthest from the vents, silent and watching.

Zarkun, are you going to respond to Seraphim in DH? I don't care either way. Just asking.
Mike warmly shakes your hand and grins ear to ear, then moves on to Noct.

"Yes, have you fought them yet?" Mike asks.

"Yes, we have. Not pretty..." Mark replies.

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