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I rush over to Ravener and glance at Altun. "Altun, what is the meaning of this? He has done nothing since he got here." Zarrath stepped in front of Altun.

"This is wrong, brother. He is trying to redeem himself."
Noct continues to play a rather swift but sad song, but abruptly pauses near the end. It had suddenly started to rain, and he wasn't the one causing it. Holding out a hand, he captures a small amount of it. His eyes widen upon looking at it.

Thats... not rain...

Bringing it closer to his face, he looks at it intently, even pausing to sniff it.


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Dog got sprayed by a skunk. Geez it stinks in here. God help us D:
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Dog got sprayed by a skunk.

Ugh, I know how that is. I wish you a future filled with tomatoes.
And that's why I steer clear of skunks, or something smelling of skunks.
Altun merely nods. "There is a price to be paid for all evil deeds Zarrath. I will return when I can."

See any double meanings there?
Really? Altun didn't sense the arriving of a demon?


The demon continued to chuckle as he went through the halls of the manor. "Really, this place could use some of my touch...But they wouldn't be to...glad for it. I wonder what they expect me to sleep in?"

Linnzie continued to toss and turn, the feeling was strong as if something was encroaching upon her. As if something was going to happen soon but she couldn't tell, she just thought that it was a dream.
Yes, yes I do.

IC: Zarrath grabs Altun's shoulder and turns him around. "Who told you this was alright? Do you even begin to comprehend the consequences of this? It's almost guaranteed that He'll strip you of your rank and power. Are you sure this was worth it?" I was helping Ravener back to the Manor and looked at the gleeman. Wonder why he was here.

"I assume you're here to talk gleeman?"
Ah.. morrjo? did you miss my last post?

I come drifting back up from the depths of sleep to the sound of music;
...what the?...
Opening my eyes, I blink in disbelief, trying to make sense of what I was seeing;
"Where the... wait, what is this?..."
I ask a very surprised Noct.
OOC: Nope. He can't see you at the moment. Consider it an odd fact of how Noct sees things. He doesn't acknowledge that you're in his mind at the moment, so to him, you don't currently exist... to the others, however...

IC: Blood? Seriously? Geez, I was never this melodramatic!

With a chuckle and a turn, he faces a figure sitting on one of the benches in the structure he wrought. He kept that act up, until he saw precisely who was here as well.

"Oh. You."

"Yeah. Me."

The two sat and stared at one another, with the second of the two turning and facing Seraphim for a brief moment. Both he and Noct looked quite alike, down to the eyes and the color of hair. With red slitted eyes filled with malice, he smiled pointedly towards the visitor before facing Noct once more.

"A rain of blood? Seriously? Isn't that some sort of cliché? Next you're going to start screaming at me to weep for people I've killed." Noct rolls his eyes.

"The rain wasn't my idea. Blame your subconscious. You have murder issues, and you're trying to be the bad guy, heck, already have been."

Noct looks a bit downcast, staring at one little crack in the stone on the floor.

"...I never wanted to be a monster, you know... You forced me into it..."
My brow furrows with confusion;
"Ah... Noct? Just who is this?..."
The figure's smile widens, a narrowed eye peering at Seraphim, a joke to himself that none others seemed to know.

"Because I got tired, I created you. Simple as that. Do we really have to go through all this again?"

"So, because you were sick of being killed time and time again, you decided to damn someone else into your place?"

Just then, a mad cackle pierced the (relatively) quiet dreamscape. With a sudden black rip torn into the air, Solaris quickly races out, a mad grin plastered onto his face. Within a moment, he trips by accident and collides with the hardened stone with a very audible thud, and lets out a groan. The two figures wince in unison.

"Hey brother! Don't mind me, just returning from that hilarious hell-world. It was fun! You should've seen the place. Pitchforks, flames and hell-stone everywhere!" He laughs, unusually cheerful for someone covered in rather nasty looking burns and pierce marks.

Picking himself up, he shakes his head, eyes settling on Seraphim, twisted in confusion. "Eh, what'd I miss, Seraphim?"

Noct's face twists in confusion, while that unnamed figure's mad smile grew more.
I shake my head;
"I honestly have no idea what you've missed... but, I'd like to know how the hell I ended up here.. wherever 'here' might be."
"Feh, you're probably stuck in my brother's brain at the moment. That mind link he made was rather silly, don't 'cha think?" Solaris said, picking himself up off the floor and dusting himself off.

Noct quickly focused his eyes on Seraphim, a bit worried.

"How much did you hear?"

"He's been here since we've started talking, you know." A small chuckle fills the air.

"Shut up you damn defeatist!"

With a quick swing, he smacked the figure over the head with an odd scythe, similar in appearance to the Night's edge, but it seemed to be textured like a portal between worlds, stars shifting in its material.

"So you still haven't gotten rid of that? You've been hiding it this whole time?"

"Trust me, I tried. Damn thing kept seeking me through worlds. Left quite a number of reality holes..."
I sigh, getting somewhat annoyed;
"Alright, would someone get my back into my body, or explain who the hell all of you are?!"
I ask, a note of frustration edging into my voice.
The three figures all look at one another, Noct in the middle, his gaze shifting from one to another. That unnamed one's evil smile never quite left his face. "Well, for one-"

He was rudely interrupted by one of Noct's elbows to the face. With a quick gesture, he summons up a shard. "Just crush this. It'll lock your mind back in your body, and you won't have to put up with my insanity for any longer."

"But you never know! It could be fun hopping worl-"


"Your choice."
"Um, sound like a good plan... But, I would like to hear the story behind this, when there aren't these two butting in, that is."
"Heh, where should I start? How you got here?"

Solaris chips in, "Why don't you tell him everythi-"


...Only to be cut off by a rather nicely timed smack to the head with Noct's scythe. Turning around, Noct looks him in the eyes, gold meeting red.

"Ouch! Well, I was just making a suggestion... Its not like I meant anything in particular about you and a certain someone..."

"...Oh go Screw yourself!"


Whirling around, Noct quickly nailed Solaris in the face with a fist, making a crater where a perverted leer was once before. The resulting impact sent him flying into one of the rose gardens, elicting shouts of pain, and screaming about thorns.

With a mischievous smile, Noct turned to Seraphim. "I really hate him sometimes. Freaking narcissistic, literalistic pain in my rear. Now then, where do you want to begin? The mind link, or these crazies I have locked up in my head? Or anything else for that matter?"
I grin;
"As with any good story, the beginning."
With a quick wince, Noct places a trio of fingers on his temple, slowly drawing a small shard out, quite obviously in pain. The small shard was... twisted compared to its brethren, run through with dark energy and what appeared to be small lakes of blood. Scenes of torment and torture were reflected in its core.

"You sure? I can start with the easier to explain stuff first, diving into what made me me is something a bit... disturbing."
I grimace, nodding;
"Yeah, I'll start with the beginning."

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