Darkest Heart IX

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And you think your explosions are huge? My cannon shoots me 40k high. I win.


Noct's voice takes on a slightly mechanical tone.

"As you insist."

That unnamed person who was, for the most of the conversation sitting about entertained quickly took up a position beside Seraphim, a bucket of popcorn in his arms.

"Heh, its been a while since I watched my autobiography!"

Raising the shard and wincing again, he begins to pump power into it. A black, shadowy texture begins to creep over the dreamscape, drawing the calm, peaceful place into a hellhole of the past...


Where... Am I...?

A figure hunched over in the dark opens his eyes, barely even colored blue. Casting his eyes around the dim room he could barely see, he held out his hands. Gently walking, he eventually collided with a wall. Turning ninety degrees, he walked out again. Within a few moments, he mapped the place.

Ah, I'm in a test chamber...

A flood of memories comes back to the person, filled with blood and tears, a dead father figure resting in his arms. He chokes back a sob.

"Hey! Runt! What the 'ell are you doing in t'ere?"

He straightens, and is almost blinded by the light of someone turning on the cell. He only has a moment to register how the room looked before light overwhelmed his eyes.


The small world greys out, pausing in the middle of its play. With a shimmer, Noct, Seraphim and that unknown man quickly find themselves in the room. It was a small cell block, barely even two meters long by one wide, perhaps used to store criminals.

"This place is located in Mobius's classifed section, under the program known under the name of Project Nightmare, a secret project designed to study potential psionic weapons for deployment against rebels, outcasts and enemies in war and brotherhood." Noct says, voice barely showing any hint of emotion, horror climbing in his eyes.

"The project was responsible for our capture, and ultimately the induction into the horror that was responsible for our creation. ...Perhaps you should tell him 'that', Noct." The figure behind Seraphim says.

"You are able to interract with the minds of people in this tale." He gestures towards the boy crouched on the floor.

The young man was under almost inhuman conditions, with needle marks pocketed all over his body, along with several quite obvious surgical scars along the back of his neck, skull and chest. Barely even dressed, he wore tatters of old clothing that could only barely qualify as such.

"Simply touch him. You will experience the thoughts of others in this tale."
I nodded, thanking my years as a field medic, before reaching out to rest a hand on the kid's shoulder.

Damn... Noct really has been through hell and back...
On contact, a flood of memories fills your mind. Most were quite disturbing. He was a test subject for psionics research. Live dissections, torture, injection with a very wide variety of toxic chemicals. Beatings. Abuse. The list went on for quite a period of time.

But, admist all that chaos, a few smaller memories lept through. About someone he knew as a father by the name of Michael Dare...


"What do you mean he's dead!?!" The child screamed. He was surrounded by quite a number of ghosts, escorted by a man in a white labcoat. His back was towards a doorway, with the humming of machines resonating throughout.

"Dead. Missing in action. Killed in action. The body was never found. Your caretaker threatened to detonate every single drone AI in the Terran Dominion if he found you missing for even one day. We begged him and pleaded for samples, but he never let us get a single cell. But now..."

The scientist's head turns sideways, a maniacal grin warping his face. Reaching into his labcoat, he pulls out a rather wicked looking needle.

"Come here, and take your medicine."

Don't have to tell me twice!

Tearing down the hallway, the child reached for a single button, next to one of the machines...

"Oh no you don't! Come here you little brat!"


With a swift motion, the mad scientist plunged the needle into the 'brat's' neck.

The memory cuts out after that.

OOC: You've seen nothing yet... I considered writing a ~20 chapter saga on him. More than enough to fill a few B.net forum posts...
I grimace, looking at Noct;
"If we ever come across these people, ever; someone's going to have to restrain me or so help me, there'll be nothing left but ashes..."

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For probably the first time, Noct truely looked insane. His eyes widened, almost as if they were those of a cat's. With his head tilted to the side, and an insane look scrawled on his face, his smile alone could qualify as a horror picture.

"I already did. All of them. Every single one. Wiped from existence. From reality, from time, space. I forced them, their souls, and their minds into one true hell, even deeper than the one the Lord tried to lock me within, and the first virgin use of my true strength. Entropy. Unending cessation of existence." His insane grin hit a climax, before he snapped his fingers. They gray coloring the scene evaporated, and time once again resumed. The three figures evaporated from the room, only the characters of the memory left in its wake...


A mechanical voice issued from a loudspeaker on the ceiling.

Test subject Omega Nine requested for stress testing and energy countering.

The message repeated a few times, until a marine dressed in red combat armor opened one of the walls, its hinges and pivots hidden protectively behind cold, hardened steel and telekill alloy.

"Git' over here, or I'll drag you out."

The young child scampered away from the sudden intrusion, reaching the opposite end of the room relatively quickly. Letting out a sigh, the marine stepped into the room, but only for a brief moment. His head looked as if it were physically repulsed from the room, pushed back by an invisible force.

"Hooboy, you certainly are a powerful little bastard. Hnng!" With a grunt, the man steps into the room, and sticks the young child with yet another needle. Darkness begins to chew at the edges of the memory, the last thing truely viewable was a lone picture of Noct being carried out into the hallway, and down to a test chamber...


"I remember this test. It hurt..."

Noct just winces. "You only had to go through one session..."

OOC: Currently, the mansion is being flooded with psionic energy. Noct's out cold at the moment, and the doors of his mind are flung open.

Also, I'm heading back home right now. I shall be back in ~10 minutes.
I nod;
"Good. One less group of amoral scientists in this universe."
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The memory once again unfolded.

"I remember this. ...This wasn't pretty. I still wish I got my hands around that freaking marine's throat. I'd kill him a few times."


With a groggy groan, the kid sat up. He barely qualified for thirteen years of age, really. Strapped down to a plate on the floor, he could barely stand and crouch. Most regions of movement were restricted heavily, and he could only duck down, crouch, or pivot.

He noted that there was yet another needle, stuck into his back. A small amount of fluid was pooled in a machine above him, ready to pump him full of its probably toxic payload in order to study its affects.

A voice issued from a voice box behind one way glass, which was set a few meters above the ground the child was chained onto.

"Felix, you know what to do. Set the kinetic launcher to two joules, and fire away."

A marine kitted in black armor walked up to what appeared to be a high-tech cannon. It wasn't the largest of things, but it looked fairly menacing. With wires poking in and out, it had a few lights blinking on its carapace, with a few visible coil accelerators on its frame.

"Yeah, yeah. I know." With the usual amount of drivel coming from the man's mouth, he quickly mounted a seated operator's platform behind the cannon.

...What in the...

"Twenty joules! Two kilogram weight! Firing!"

The young test subject's eyes widened. "They can't seriously trying to-"



An agonized scream is heard. The kid doubles over, trying to reach his left shoulder. It was hanging at a weird angle, pulled back and torqued inhumanly.

"!@#$! Felix! We said two joules! Not twenty! You broke the little bastard's collar bone!"

"Sorry boss. I misheard you." The man named Felix said, a pointed grin facing the young kid. "Take him to see Sam. She'll fix him up."

With an incomplete collapsing motion, the poor child was not even granted the ability to pass out in peace, being held up in a torturous position by the chains.

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I shook my head in disgust;
"Son of a... Is there anything else important here or can we skip ahead a bit?"
I ask, in distaste.
"The orders came from the Patrol. I will not be stripped of my rank for this. The price I pay is the damage I have done to myself."

Altun lowers his head. His tone drops as sorrow begins to find a place there.

"I loathe to ask this of you... please attempt to reverse the damage I have done executing my orders.

Altun spreads his wings and takes to the sky.


Thom looks at the man, uncharacteristically at a loss for words.
Zarrath sighs. The Patrol was overstepping their boundaries, as they always have. Yes, brother, I will repair what damage I can. I beckon to the gleeman. "Come on, wolves will be searching the area for the source of the smell soon."
Thom knuckles his mustache nervously.

He seems to be talking to himself.
"By the light. I'd never dreamed the plot would be so thick... Two angels in one place and one of Helsing blood thrown into the mix! What have I gotten myself into?"

He seems to notice that you are waiting for an answer and his bravo returns. "I'd almost rather take my chances with the wolves. Lead on."
An angel bearing the insignia of the Patrol watches from his perch atop the mansion.

Sometimes there is a terrible price to pay for the greater good.

He nods in grim satisfaction, then vanishes.
I chuckle and lead the gleeman inside. Zarrath simply stood outside, looking over the spot where Ravaner had fallen. If I ever get my hands on the Patrol, they're as good as dead. The is beyond wrong. This is blasphemy and they know it.
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"Nothing truly important, but this might be of some interest..."

With a quick gesture, the unnamed man simply rolled his hand. In a flicker, the scene changes, and you can see 'Noct' running down a hall, chased by several marines.


"Sir! He's heading to the weaponry lab!" one of the marines calls into his suit. A voice answered but was too warped by the tiny speakers to make out clearly from the memory. Racing down the hall, the kid quickly turns and shuts the door, dashing towards one of the laboratories.

"Hey! Don't go in there! Stop!"

Pfft. What do you take me for? A fool?

With a laugh, he turns one last corner, accompanied by a loud whirr.

With a look of horror, his eyes widen when they lock onto the barrel of an auto turret.

The memory cuts to black.

Bang Bang-Bang-Bang
Hip! ...yay.

I wince, even though it wasn't as bad as the other things Noct had been through, running into an auto turret is never fun;
"Alright, so what came of all this?"
I ask.
Another crazy smile graces Noct's face.

"I died."
I arch an eyebrow, a look of amusement crossing my face, despite all I'd seen;
"Then what happened? I'd like more than a two word response, thank you very much."
"I died. I ceased to exist, both spiritually and mentally."

He pauses a moment.

"To say the least, this is where the importance of shards come in, as well as my close relationship to the ways between worlds."


Where... Am I...?

Words fail to describe the place. With a massive expanse being the only true feature, the vast empty region appeared to be contained within one massive glass sarcophagus, a massive biodome.


The world goes gray once again.

"This section of the ways is known as the river of thought. It is the main place connecting most local realities before they split into true alternate realities."
I look over the whole scene, taking everything in;
"...interesting... so what happened next?"
I ask.

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