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Here's a quote of Dayvy's latest thread about an update for the Oracle, originally posted in the HOTS Beta section of the forum


We've been working hard to address concerns on the Oracle. We've tried many different things on it and aren't completely satisfied with where it's at. We may need to delay the Oracle patch until next week depending on how this goes.Just to keep everyone updated and to get more feedback on our direction here's what we're thinking:
1. We agree with our community that Entomb is not a spectator friendly ability because it's so easy to execute and is targeted at only 1 location (minerals).
2. We'd like to replace Entomb with a different ability. Something that makes use of the fast movement speed of the Oracle and serves as a constant threat to the enemy base until the enemy destroys the Oracles. This way, there can be a greater difference between amazing use of the Oracle vs. an average use.
3. Void Siphon has clarity issues in terms of how much minerals have been earned through the use of this ability.
4. Revelation we feel is in a good place. It is a powerful late game tool for checking exactly where the opponent's army is. At the same time, we feel this is more of a utility spell.

We're playing around with various ideas at the moment, and don't have specifics but our goal seems to be:
Spell 1: Keep Revelation as is as the scouting option.
Spell 2: Strong, repeatable harassing tool that has different degrees of success and makes good use of the fragile but fast movement speed of the Oracle.
Spell 3: Position dependent spell, combo with harassment spell, and/or support spell of some sorts.

This is a quote of the Designer's recent update on the Oracle....

first off, thanks for keeping us up to date

Secondly, and jsut a thought btw

Which unit already in the Protoss arsenal is a (and I quote)
-repeatable harass tool, fragile but quick that can be more effective as micro skills improve
(and is also good for scouting?)

The Phoenix

So, dear Blues, are you trying to tell us that we have been waiting two years for an expansion to get to play with Phoenix Version 2.0? (with the addition of some as yet unnamed and as yet undecided spell?)

while in the meantime other poor decisions (widow-cough-mine-cough...unless you fix it)
wreck most of what protoss already have in their arsenal?

is that your idea of an exciting expansion?

while we still have:
no reasonable answer to muta harass
no decent answer to BL/Infestor (Infestor being the band-aid for all problems your poor design of zerg also causes)
a pathetic early game
very limited harass options (now even more limited thanks to the widowmine, thanks)
two unplayable matchups in PvP (rock/paper/scissors or your ridiculously overpowered cannon rushes for noobs) and the retarded PvZ in which the only viable strats are turtling or all-inning
A useless stargate PvT
being forced to open robo not to die to cloaked units... even more relevant with the mine
a new, gimmicky band aid for things you can't fix with real design like the early game (MS Core, also a total fail up to this point)

thanks guys, I can really see how Phoenix 2.0 will solve all of our problems

Edit: fixed some spelling issues

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