Zergling & Zealot 2: Hall of Legends, IV

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I grin and grab my helmet. "I have a black mode in this that keeps me from seeing out. That work?"
Siri shrugs. "Close enough." She produces a spherical drone, and takes Aurra's lightsaber, adjusting its power to a low level. "So you don't hurt yourself."
I nod, putting on the helmet and taking the saber before activating the black mode. "Ready."
A light hum fills the air, and one sting bolt Torvus was unprepared for sends a jolt of pain up his leg. "Feel its location. Track it through the Force, and deflect its attacks."
I nod, focusing as I was instructed and block the next three shots. "I'm guessing I did it as that sting didn't come back." I block another shot and curse. Smart @ss droid.
Siri sighs. "Reach out and feel. You're blocking on military instinct, not smooth connection."
I sigh and try again, doing as I was told, and feeling more like I did it the right way. "Better?" Another deflected pot shot. "Screw you too, droid."
Siri whistles. "Eighth attempt. Not bad."
"Anything else with this? I'm restraining from turning that little ball of scrap metal into it's base parts."

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I heard the voice of Umbra, the person who believes that I'm perfect when I'm not. Then again, perfect in her world must be different. Putting a serious tone in my voice as I straightened up. "No names, Aunt. But what they said was the truth,-" The voice cracking. " and what I said was the truth. I didn't have the choice of my life, but I also didn't learn how to say no. I was selfish. And I took that opportunity away from someone."

Sadness and loss could be seen in my gleaming eyes. "And I'm sixteen now, you don't need to keep on protecting me. I want to be somewhere traveling a long way from here, alone." This time my voice was hoarse. "I just hope that she finally finds out that I'm sorry for what I've done, and that nobody is..." Stopping myself there.
Daniel feels a twinge of remorse. Perhaps I should have said something... He shrugs and drinks the liquid.
Umbra is taken aback. She has no idea whatsoever what to do in this situation. "I'm sure you didn't mean anything. Why don't you make it up to this person somehow? Some kind of favor, perhaps?"

Daniel feels a horrible retching, and feels himself split into two, then four, then eight . . .

Siri smiles. "In time. Next we have to get the proper ingredients for you to make your own lightsaber."
I nod. "Where do I start?" I couldn't believe this. Talk about fast moving.
She takes out metal tubes, mechanical equipment, various crystals, and colored lenslets that are noticeably missing the color red. "Normally, a Padawan apprentice makes their blade to resemble their Knight instructor's, but there are many noted exceptions. Here is a book on the basics." She hands him a datapad.
I take the datapad and start reading. Seemed simple enough. "Alright, seems manageable." I look over the crystal colors, choosing the black one.
The crystal is apparently too large. The datapad shows a rather exotic looking alien carving the crystal.
I didn't stop at just that, not yet. "Joan is right, but she is also wrong. Just as I am right and wrong."
Umbra's eyes widen, then angrily narrow. "Wait right here. I'll fix her. Trust me, your cousin won't make you like this ever again." She jogs off.
"Wait no-" Umbra had already jogged off. "Why can't I just be let alone? They still wont be able to find me though." The shadow swallowed me whole. I was on my way towards a ship off this planet.
Umbra's mind reaches out to Cynthia's. Think maybe I should Objectify her into a new hat for you? I know how you said you wanted a hat.

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