Pankoprulu Academy XXVIII

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"Yep, I is happy. Cat face. I will kill him if he gets brain-damaged."
11/03/2012 10:15 PMPosted by Zarkun
I walk away, looking for Abel. The odds of him actually being in the medbay were slim.

Abel passed Cayl in the hallway, and shouted "Call a medic!"
Then he snickered and said "Joking, get to the infirmary, I will take a look there."
I chuckle and head that way. "I'm going, I'm going. Knew you weren't in there right now."
"Wow you seem more drunk now than when you had that Scotty Bolgers." I laugh a little more at Logan.
"Hey, hey. Ssshhhh. I'm fine... I swear..."
Umbra sits up, alert, as the room cools. "I'll oust the bug. Maybe have bug a la mode." She cackles and searches.
Hmm, well, this isn't good. Face her, don't? Not many options. I get up and, against my better judgment, reveal myself at the door. "Good afternoon."

OOC: I still don't get how you would detect him when he has a psi-screen on.
I lowered the knife, but that didn't stop me. A single punch came at his face. "You were listening to us? Why?"
Umbra pokes him. "Shower before you spy. It makes it much easier."
Seeing the punch coming, I lean away from the blow and turn my head to the side. It lessens the impact of the punch. It's obvious that this is going to more complicated than I thought. I shake the stars from my vision. "I just wanted to make sure no one was in trouble." I deactivate the pis-screen. "I had a bad feeling that something horrible was going to happen in here."

OOC: .... Ah... uh... Oh for the love of... I have no response Drac.

Umbra nods. "Suuuure."
"Don't believe me? You don't have to, but I was a little concerned when I heard, 'Heads, I eat hers. Tails, I tuck mine between my legs and take off,' though."

OOC: That's just silly. How good is her nose? I guess it works since Markus hasn't showered in a day or two, but that's silly.
Sitting on a table, I wince. Bruised tailbone. That one didn't even make sense.
She's a high grade CSAA Agent. She can smell a trained bloodhound before it smells her.

Umbra shrugs. "Gotta eat someone if I'm to become what amounts to a goddess."
11/04/2012 09:01 PMPosted by Draconus
She's a high grade CSAA Agent.

OOC: She genetically altered?

IC: "A goddess? You want to be a goddess? I doubt that very much. I did overhear you. You said it wasn't about the power."
Umbra's eyes narrow. "Shut up now. I hear tongue is delicious."

Ah huh.
May I maybe get you to post in FOCC.
"Hmm. What do you value in life, Umbra?"
Umbra's eyes remain narrowed. "Brother, obviously. Efficiency, and a good glass of red wine."
"So you don't value other people's company? I was really a loner back on Earth."

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