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Great idea. Necrobump!
I think the main thing that should be considered implantation-wise is allowing the bank to be saved often or in burst in mid-game without a big drawback.

1) For example, let's say each of the 12 players finished a level and the map want to save the progress of all 12 players simultaneously, it need to be supported without some horrible sudden lag.

2) Another case might be maps that allow to customize some units heavily and then store them into a bank.

It's a case likely to reach the 1 MB bank limit with multiple players editing at the same time. Logically, there would be a save each time the player would click "Save changes" for their modified unit and a potential 1 MB bank have to be transferred and stored each time.

EDIT : The Blizzard code needed would probably need some "commit changes" style which would only change the differences as sending back full 1 MB banks all the time is likely to ruin server-side banks.

EDIT 2 : Probably will require that sent bank differences can be sent over time (in case of big changes) rather than potentially hanging/lagging the game.
Well, at least it's official:
Sadly there will be no server-side bank files any time soon.

For the next week Blizzard will have their hands full to fix all the bugs pre and post launch.
While it's one of the most wanted features of some of the top tier map makers (I just heard this info second hand tho), it's sadly not really on a priority list for Blizzard.

I wonder how much arcade games are actually played in comparison to melee tho.

I addressed all those issues in previous posts. There are way better implementations ofc, but I'm a little to lazy to bring fully fleshed out technical details here, to be honest :).

PS: I am posting this with my main account now (EU) because my old one is no longer really active and I transferred all game licenses to this one because of cross regional play.
+1. Client-side banks can be abused so easily that some people try to stay away from using them, but we know some cool ideas must work with banks.
It will greatly increase the data traffic of servers, compared with it, the disk size is not a problem at all.
But +1, BLZ can add some features like add a cooldown to user's access, and a cap to data that acquired every time in order to avoid such problems.
Holy mother of Necro, but, +1 pls blizz

ESPECIALLY with Starcraft Universe coming soon

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