Company of Brothers

Joeyray's Bar
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Feeling frustrated, I suddenly yell aloud.
"Who the hell are you all, and where am I? And for that !@#$%^-ed matter, who the hell am I?" I yell out.
I glance at the guy who yelled and chuckle. Poor guy can't handle anxiety.
Samantha returned the stare and winked, then continued eating.


Stefan gently shakes his head in amusement, a ghost of a smile touching his face.
In one of the chairs, an asian man stares blankly at the food and sighs. "Damn, why am I here of all places?" Kevin thinks to himself. "I don't want to go to war. I never asked for this. They'll resocialize me if I try to worm my way out. Damn, damn, damn. I have to get reinstated somewhere else if this is frontline combat. NCO maybe..."
Samantha examined the asian man carefully.
I watch the others near me carefully. I hadn't lived this long trusting that the crowd wouldn't turn on me in a heartbeat.
Samantha examined Joey. He was strong, tall, handsome. If only I could find more men like- Samantha! You're Staring!

She quickly shifted her gaze towards someone else. God, there are some MEN in this group!

Samantha then glanced at Stefan to see if he noticed, then again at Joey to see if he noticed.

Smooth... You're here to work and get a cover job, not get obsessed in some love affair... but... :)


kekeke... I like female characters.
I watch the one girl, seemingly unaware of her. She'd been staring, but I wasn't interested in a love affair. I drifted too much for it. Well, we all know she's easily distracted. I chuckle and take another bite of food, and deciding to mess with her head, finish chewing and flash her a dazzling smile.
Samantha forced a smile to not cross her face. She blushed a little and pushed the hair out of her hair.
I chuckle and return to eating. Maybe there was something to be gained from this. I wink at her as I eat.
Samantha pretended like she didn't see the wink, but she did. What kind of mercenary winks at me? She thought to herself, You started it...
I could see the conflict in her eyes and decide to give her a break. Too easy.
What's your problem? I've never seen you so weak! Samantha asked herself, I'm here to work, now get to it!

"Any idea what kind of work we're doing?" She asked rather boldly for how she had been acting.
The man clad in black had just now released the people who brought these recruits to them. They weren't really a part of the Dominion anymore, anyone from the Ghost Program had their files burned to the ground. He then heard the scream from the young Ghost that was suffering from Amnesia. Poor kid...

He let the food stay on the tables, they deserved a meal for making it this far. But soon...
"Okay, listen up please."
He was leaning up against a podium, waiting for the recruits to listen on or just ignore him. He wanted to see how well they listened.
I ignore the girl for now and shift my attention to the contractor. Didn't make it as a merc not listening to the job.
Kevin looks up from his table.
Samantha examined the man at the podium carefully.
Thyke reddens a little as he 'hears' some embarassing thoughts from one of the girls. He whispers to the person he elbowed.

"So, what do you think merits the first-class treatment?"
Samantha took note of Thyke whispering around, but dismissed it when she came to the conclusion it was worthless information.

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