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Name: Fox Natalist
Sex: Female
Age: 22
Descendant: Nobody (Partially true if anyone was paying attention to flashbacks)
Description: 5' 7", Orange Eyes, athletic build, brown hair with streaks of dark green, tattoo on her back of a burning flame.
Appearance: Black vest and jacket, combat boots, dog tags around her neck as well as an amulet.
Equipment: Combat Knife, 8-Shot Revolver
Background: Not much is known of her, but she doesn't know it as well. A double whammy. Raised as a small child to be a tool, one which can be wielded to the group. Has a weird thing with blood, since part of it is that she doesn't know who she is. And the darkness that can plague the mind after learning too much of the past, or too much of her own history... It remains unsolved with Fox's condition. [Further Data files to be found to be accessed by only the head researcher]

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