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I took a break from SC2 so I am not so familiar with some of the new maps. I do not remember how many maps we must have selected, but so far I remember to be only comfortable in these:
- Antiga Shipyard
-Tal'darim Altar LE (my favorite)
- Shakuras Plateau (second favorite)

I am a player who likes a easy to defend natural base (for terrans), and I like to expand and like make a lot of SCVs (yea sometimes I get over 80 which is dumb but oh well)! And I want to be able to reach the enemy base fast as well...

I am still installing the game, so I would like to use this time to think about maps.
Might want to rethink Tal'darim Altar a bit. Yes, it still sucks for Zerg thanks to all the cliffs and crap you can use; but, the fact that the rocks are gone just makes it another "3 base FU" map.

I'd say the same for Condemned Ridge, but it's also a lot like Shakuras Plateau. 3 bases right next to each other, but the third is very open (thank god, we can hit Zerg there), and afterwards, bases have 2 entrances.
According to TL, the most common bans for terran are Taldarim, Condemned, and Entombed by fairly high percentages.
- Taldarim and Entombed are really hard for TvZ. On Taldarim mech is simply impossible since the third isn't easily secured and on Entombed the really open space is good for Z engagements. Entombed is pretty balanced in terms of w/r in tournaments though.
- Condemned is just too new, so alot of ppl ban that map.

Then if you look at the remaining maps left you only have Daybreak, Shakuras, Ohana, Cloud Kingdom, and Antiga. All of which are good maps with lots off tournament games to reference.
11/04/2012 07:15 AMPosted by Athena
Taldarim mech is simply impossible since the third isn't easily secured
Really? And to think Tal'darim is my best map for mech because of the huge rush distances...
Taldarim mech is simply impossible since the third isn't easily secured
Really? And to think Tal'darim is my best map for mech because of the huge rush distances...

first off the thidr is easily secured... thats not why mech sucks on tal darim. the third is extremely easy on this map

tal darim is pretty much the only map that pros dont like to go mech on in tvt

in theory long rush distances should favor mech, but the reality is different

in modern mech tvt and tvz, bio terran and zergs will try to be pretty greedy against mech, instead of trying to immediately punish it. mech has a sweet timing around 10 min to 16 min where your army is just godly, but after that, 3/3 bio and mass rax + expos or mass roaches + expos will ruin your day.

on tal darim, its so hard to punish far away expos (2 marauders + 4 marine + a bunker near by == hellion runbies dont work, and now mech player has to bring his whole army to kill the expo) and when you do push out, there is a ton of room on the map for flanks/a nice bio spread
to be honest i dont even think mech is playable on this map vs a good bio terran becuase you'll never be able to leave your base no matter how many bases you take in the background
i veto condemned ridge, daybreak (or entombed), and Tal Da rim. it depends on your playstyle but generally smaller = better for terran.
I'm flip-flopping between Antiga and Entombed as my 3rd veto. I hate that it's so hard to get a 4th on Antiga and that map symmetry makes TvT a little coin-flippy, but I also don't like that Zerg (and Protoss to an extent) can take the other half of the map on Entombed. Sure I might get 4 bases, but he has 8.

My defaults vetos are Tal'Darim (forever and ever) and Condemned... though I've only play Condemned a couple times. I see the same problem as Entombed, though.
I vetoed Condemmed Ridge, Entombed Valley, and Tal'darim Altar.

Condemmed is simply too big and too easy to take a few bases as Zerg or Protoss. You just need a few Stalkers in your main and a few cannons plus warp-in's at your third to defend drops. As Zerg it's pretty darn similar, and all the bases past your third are extremely hard to hold against warp-in's and Ultra/Ling attacks.

Entombed is a mixed bag. On one hand, some of the spawn positions are completely imbalanced in favor of Terran and drops are great, but on the other hand, spawning cross positions against the Zerg or Protoss is one of the hardest things to win because of the open middle and spread out bases.

Tal'darim Altar is the same as Entombed, for the most part. Drops are a little worse because there's a lot of space behind the minerals, and it's harder to hold two-base all-in's due to the wide natural, but otherwise it's the same.

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