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So with HoTS release just around the corner and assuming many of us will be receiving beta key from pre-orders I think it's an adequate time to open up a discussion about the new possible strategies we can cook up in HoTS.

For me I main Terran and sadly Terran got short changed in HoTS mainly because Warhound got canned. But we still got Widow Mines and Hellbats to play with I suppose... I'm not sure about Reapers though, 50 gas in the early game is way too much of an investment for such a fragile unit I think.

Here's what I got. Nothing too out of the ordinary.

Greedy Eco Build
Rax first -> Expo or Expo first depending on the map, check to see if my opponent is going eco greedy, maybe get an in-base 3rd.
Get widow mines for defense and map awareness and get set up for Mech production

Safe Build
Make reactor hellions + widow mines to control the map, maybe harass the opponent, and expand behind it.

Harrass Build
Open with cloak banshee to contain the enemy while expanding behind it with the excess mineral and use widow mines to defend

Won't be massing Widow Mines I don't think. I rather strategically place them around the map to cover choke points and back doors.
I am really hoping Widow Mines will reinforce Mech's weakness - lack of mobility.

Ultimately, I will build up towards the composition of

BF Hellbats + Thors + Vikings + a few Medivacs + a few Banshees for extra DPS
with a sprinkle of Widow Mines

BF Hellbats + Thors + Vikings + Ghosts + a few Medivacs
with a sprinkle of Widow Mines

BF Hellbats + Marines + Tanks + Medivacs while going 3/0 upgrades for both bio and mech.

And I can think of one strong 1 base timing attack for TvZ.

To be honest here I'm really sick of bio... So I'm just gonna try and go mech every time see if I can make it work. Plus I want to try out the new units.

So any of you cooked up anything nasty yet? Go ahead and make a post about it if you have something. I'd be interested in hearing what Zs and Ps have got to share.
11/13/2012 11:24 PMPosted by Jezebel
My new strategy for HotS: Don't play.

I like this one.
TvZ reactor hellion expand eith widow mine contain. Into marine tank with ghost raven. Zerg has new counters to mech with viper and swarm host so its very hard to do if you play a good zerg.

TvP = Auto lose mech gets smashed by tempest carrier. 1 base tempest and blink stalkers are very difficult to defend and MC has made most mech openings from WOL redundant bio is still your best option if you like to mech mech in WOL because its easier then HOTS. most toss player have over a 80% win rate TvP the ones i talk to.

TvT reaper rules 1 rax fe is hard to do and CC first is auto lose so a lot of 1 base stuff happens which is fun mech is good here.

These are the strats i'm using as i have HOTS.
I'll be testing Reaper expands in all match-ups.

In TvZ, two Reapers to start, build an expansion right as the second Reaper starts, go into a 10:00 timing with 8 Hellions, two Medivacs, +1 Attack, and roughly 20-30 Marines with Stim and Shield. Armory finishes right as I push so I get to use Hellbats! :D

I then go into Thor/Marine/Hellbat with some add-on swapping and some Widow Mines for map control and to use against Banelings and Ultralisks. I haven't experimented with them quite enough yet, though.

In TvT, I go Reaper expand into Bio. A lot of people have been going Mech, so I decided to try getting air control while focusing down the enemies Thors using my Marauders and focusing down the enemy Ravens, PDD's with my Marines. It's awesome so far. :)

TvP, I have no idea. I would go Marine/Hellbat, but Psi-Storms and Colossus screw over both of those units. I would get Ghosts and Vikings accordingly, but the gas cost to make Factories with Reactors and Barracks with Reactors is pretty darn high, plus I have to get three sets of upgrades; one for my Marines, one for my Hellbats, and one for my Vikings. It's crazy.

I want to say Tanks in TvP, but they're so weak in a straight fight compared to Protoss units, plus they're immobile etc. There's no way I can use them. :/

Edit: MetalGear, I saw your post asking if you could re-post my ideas onto the beta forum; of course you can!

A GM Terran has already posted the same idea about the Siege Tank onto the Beta forum, though. Great minds think alike, for better or for worse.
I was thinking I might try some 8 pools and 4 gates while people are concentrating too much on trying to work their way up to the new units :)
It's this amazing build where you get a crapton of stuff and just kill him.

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