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Lieutenant Keith Scout was sitting on his favorite chair in his small apartment. For being a war hero he sure didn’t have a big fancy house or really anything big and fancy. As a matter of fact, the only fancy thing he had was a tight suit of bright red armor and helmet including a battle visor with a HUD computer. His fighter also was pretty state-of-the art. Made by Devroy Manufacturing themselves. Think what you want of them, they can sure make space ships.

Keith Scout took a sip of his coffee and turned on the news. There was only the usual, nothing interesting. Just small fights or little holidays or other not important events; but Lt. Scout wasn’t looking for news. He was looking for warnings, hints, clues. Lt Scout was one of the few that knew the truth about Captain Luis. He had not died in the final battle like everyone assumed.

What was public information that nobody made public was that several escape pods and shuttles escaped Captain Luis’ flag ship and made it to the planet’s surface. After Captain Frank Shaw was killed by explosions aboard the Justifier, Lt. Scout assumed control of the ship and pursued Captain Luis Pintail for weeks until a final battle occurred between the Justifier and Captain Luis’ capitol ship.

When the battle was over, Lt. Scout went down to take care of any and all survivors. The risk of Captain Luis escaping was simply too great. Lt. Scout found nothing but higher ranked members from the Black Peace. But he didn’t find Captain Luis.

Since nobody found captain Luis and his flag ship had been obliterated, everyone assumed he was dead. But Lt. Scout knew better. Captain Luis was not stupid enough to go down with his ship. But it had been two years. Pretty soon everyone accepted Captain Luis was dead. Lt. Scout, however, did not. Keith Scout tried to argue his case with the government, but couldn’t find any proof that Captain Luis was alive, so he eventually dropped the case and continued his search in secret.

Few know the true history about Captain Luis and Lt. Scout. Only the soldiers who have worked with Keith Scout for a long time know that there is history between the two. Lt. Scout doesn’t talk about it; nobody asks about it.

Lt. Keith Scout should have been celebrated as a war hero, but instead he was taken for granted. Lt. Keith Scout was awarded a medal of honor for taking down the best pirate in history. He was awarded Captain Frank Shaw’s ship, the Justifier, upon Brian White’s insistency on the matter. So the separatist council named him captain of the Justifier. Lt. Scout preferred Lieutenant over captain for whatever reason, so his friends call him lieutenant Scout; even though his official name is Captain Keith Scout.

Brian White was the captain of a small destroyer under the command of lieutenant Scout. His steadfastness in determination to kill Captain Luis made him ideal for Lieutenant Scout’s fleet. Brian has a tendency to act impulsively and to get himself and others into danger. The man would sacrifice everything to achieve his goals. Brian respects lt. Scout as a commanding officer, and mentor, but tends to ignore him when certain issues come up.

Lt. Scout was lost in thought when Thomas Brown entered in Lt. Scout’s small apartment. Thomas Brown, like Brian White, is a captain of a small destroyer in Lt. Scout’s fleet. But unlike Brian, Thomas is extremely loyal, views Lt. Scout as a father. He also shares his hatred for Captain Luis because he destroyed the colony his parents lived on. There was no word from the colony about any survivors, So Thomas was dedicated to hunt and kill Captain Luis. Lt. Scout is obviously the best option because he, too, is obsessed with hunting and killing Captain Luis. What confused Keith, was that Thomas Brown still had a wife. But he still was incredibly dedicated and loyal to Lt. Scout.

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His fighter also was pretty state-of-the art. Made by Aquila et Umbram themselves. Think what you want of them, they can sure make space ships.
Could you have asked first? And you do know that they are only known by a few people, if everyone knows who they are...that could cause security issues. And I didn't know they did personal requests?
Continue, but make sure to fix that bit that Ravyns stated.
My bad, I will edit.

I thought they were well known, sorry!

Yeah... that was my bad, I should have asked, wont do that again :)

I changed it to Devroy Manufacturing, I like that better anyways.
“Good morning, Lieutenant.” Thomas greeted, walking over to where he was sitting. Scout returned the greeting with a nod. Thomas frowned in confusion.

“You don’t watch the news…” He finally said, “What are you doing?”

“Captain Luis will be reappearing any day now…” Lt. Scout said, not moving his eyes from the TV. Thomas silently sighed,
“Have you ever thought… that maybe he…”

Thomas stopped short when he raised his eyes to see Lt. Scout was staring at him, waiting for the rest of that sentence. But he already knew what the rest of that sentence was.

“He is out there, and until he is dead, the galaxy is in danger.” Lt. Scout fixed his gaze on the TV once again and took a sip of his coffee. Thomas nodded in agreement.

“I agree with you, but while you hunt a dead man your political position sinks to the bottom of the river.” Lt. Scout examined Thomas carefully.

“Do I look like a politician?” Lt. Scout drilled him. Thomas broke eye contact and bit his lower lip. He was in no position to argue with Lt. Scout, but the track he was headed on was suicide for a man who could very well be dead. Thomas had Lt. Scout’s future in interest. Lt. Scout had the universes future in interest. Either that or Lt. Scout was a madman chasing ghosts.

“The council is holding a meeting and…” Thomas began, but then realized it was a mistake to tell him anything. Did he really need to know? Lt. Scout leaned forward.
“How come I wasn’t informed?” Lt. Scout asked, now ignoring the television. Thomas stuttered and stammered over his words before finally taking a deep breath and spitting it out.

“You were specifically not invited…” He said with a sigh. Lt. Scout frowned.
“Why?” Thomas had no answer; he just shook his head and gaped.
“Keith, what really happened between you and Luis?” The question scared even Thomas. He had no right to ask that, yet he just did. Scout’s eyes quickly became distant. He just began looking right through Thomas and into the Abyss. Finally, with misty eyes he replied,

“We were… squad mates once…” It was a struggle, but he made those few words out. Thomas didn’t want Lt. Scout to have to answer, but this question had been burning in his mind for as long as he had known the man.
“He was in the separatist Navy…” Keith continued reaching into the depths of his mind, pulling out thing’s he wanted buried for so long.
“The Black Peace were attacking my homeworld of Serene… Where my wife lived… And my children lived…” Keith had children? And a wife!?

Just then, the TV flashed and on screen was a reporter talking about a Colony that was attacked.
“-Has sustained heavy damage. There appears to be no survivors. Three days ago the colonies communications went down. An investigation team was sent and this is what they found.”

The camera panned and showed the burning colony. Everything in and around the colony was in shear and utter destruction. It looked as if God himself had dumped a bucket of flame that drowned the whole colony. Lt. Scout fixed his gaze on the television and watched with horror. Lt. Scout began taking notes in his mind. What stood out to him was that although everything was in flame, the speaker towers were seemingly untouched. Without warning, Lt. Scout jumped up to the TV fixed on the wall. He put his ear close to the speakers.
“What are you-“ Thomas began with a frown. Scout silenced him with a loud shush.

Sure enough, Lt. Scout found what he was looking for. The faintest sound of music was heard playing throughout the city of fire. Lt. Scout’s eyes shot open as this all-new truth came smashing down upon him.
“Keith?” All the dots were connecting; this is what the council meeting was for. He had to get to the meeting. He had to stop Captain Luis before this happened again. The reporter came on once again,

“As you can see, there couldn’t be any possible survivors from this utter destruction, with winter ensuing and a blizzard coming in, nobody could survive these harsh conditions. Five thousand colonists once lived here in harmony. Whoever did this is truly heartless. The question we must ask ourselves, is how can we prevent this from happening again?”

Families… Lt. Scout took off for the door.
“Lieutenant, wait! You can’t even get in!” Thomas called, running after him. It was clear since Keith didn’t turn back, he didn’t care.
“Get Brian and assemble my fleet!”

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Now I have to write a bunch more >_<
Devroy Manufacturing as in Mark Devroy?
cant wait for more its getting even more epic as you go
Morph, this is NOTHING compared to what's coming up! And yes, as in Markus Devroy from Devroy manufacturing. Have you read that story? I also wrote that, you might be interested.
No I have not read that story
It's Called "Devroy Manufacturing." pretty short and you might like it :)
“That’s the last time I want to hear Luis Pintail again!” Anderson shouted. The old man had a grumpy and agitated voice. He had retired from the position of vice admiral after the battle with Captain Luis eight years ago.

“You have to accept it as a real possibility, Anderson.” Rohan said quite calmly. Rohan was a politician; he had been his whole life. He loved politics even from childhood and everything was about trying to persuade his friends to his point of view, naturally, he was fit for this job. Rohan is praised for understanding his opponent better then he understands himself and keeping all options and possibilities open.

The council had gathered in private and only five members of the council were invited. Lt. Scout, however, was specifically not invited because the rest of the council knew he would light the torches and grab the pitchforks to go after Captain Luis even if he was really dead.

“This is an act of war, we must proceed with caution.” Nilus said pressing the tips of his fingers together. Nilus was an old army commander who was ushered into politics simply because he was good at it. Years of combat experience combined with his incredible wit made him a perfect council member.

“Who would so mercilessly attack a colony like this?” Yuuk challenged Nilus. Yuuk was interestingly enough an Imperium citizen. He used to be a senator from Umoja but after moving to Separatist Space, found his home in politics.

Nilus shrugged.
“The Mozan?” He offered, raising the palm of his hand to the ceiling.
“Oh, please, they have no reason to attack us without warning.” Nilus leaned back in his chair giving a slow nod.

“The Imperium?” Nilus offered.
“Now you are just guessing, they would seek diplomatic solutions before incinerating a colony!” Yuuk defended.

“Could this be a race we haven’t discovered yet?” Ulna suggested quietly. Ulna was the wised of the five. She had been seen as an oracle. After leading the separatists to victory she erected several colonies and kept them thriving. Afterward, the quiet life just wasn’t for her.

“It’s a possibility, but we need to search deeper before making decisions.” Rohan chimed in.
“It would be wise to ask fellow beings for assistance.” Ulna said softly. It was strange how her words floated through the air and into your brain. It was like she never spoke, yet you hear everything she has to say.

“Ulna is right, we need to contact other governments.” Nilus agreed.
“But that will take time, who knows when the next strike will be?” Anderson objected.

“We need-“ Yuuk began when the doors slammed open. Everyone turned to see Lt. Scout standing in the doorway.

“What are you doing here?” Rohan asked Lt. Scout with a drill. Lt. Scout returned the stare.
“You know why I am here, to stop Luis!” Keith shouted. The whole council rolled their eyes.

“You have nothing to do with this, remove yourself now or be removed.” Anderson warned. Lt. Scout examined them all carefully. Finally he gave a slow nod.
“So that’s it? You are just going to wait until more innocents die!?” The whole council became uneasy.

“No decision can be made with haste; we must consort the assistance of other races and governments.” Ulna said, breaking the silence.
“I’ve made my decision; I will stop Captain Luis Pintail and put an end to his oppression with or without you!” Silence once again engulfed the room. Ulna was again the first to speak.

“I order you to stay in Volanca and await further orders.” Lt. Scout thought about what he should say next, as soon as a council member says “I order you” you better be prepared to tread carefully.

“While you sit and allow Captain Luis to kill our families?”
“Captain Luis is dead, Keith!” Anderson shouted. “And unless you can prove otherwise you will stay in the Separatist capitol city of Volanca.”

“Give me a chance; I will prove it to you. Give me time to assemble my fleet and I will find you all the proof you need.”

The council members looked at each other. Two guards came to escort Lt. Scout out.

“We’ll contact you with our verdict.” Rohan said, signaling to the guards to pull him out. At first they had to pull Keith, but then he submitted and walked out peaceably.

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So... should I post the next part?
7k words down. W00T! It's getting better and better!
Yes it is... And I'm doing a plot twist which will end up as a character for SS. Interesting as well I dare tell myself.
Awesome, can't wait!

I need a good plot twist in that RP :)
Thomas Brown sighed as the dial tone sounded and the call began to go through. He waited and waited until finally a small crackle and someone picked up the phone.

“Hello?” A young, sweet female voice said from the other end.
“Hey.” Thomas replied softly shifting in the small booth telephone booth outside the council chambers.
“Tommy?” She exclaimed with an all new cheer in his voice.
“It’s so good to hear your voice.” Thomas exclaimed closing his eyes. He tried to imagine her beautiful face but he hadn’t seen her in so long…
“Tommy!” The girl began to say a thousand things but stopped short of them all. “It’s so good to hear your voice too. How are you doing? What is going on?”

“Darling, I- I don’t know how soon I can come home.” Thomas reported sadly. Silence engulfed the telephone booth.
“Keith is picking up the tracks of- of something and I have to-“ Thomas should have thought about how to phrase this before calling. “He needs me.” He decided to tack on. There was no way to put it nicely. He promised to be home before the New Year and that wasn’t looking like reality.

The woman on the other end sniffled,
“Okay…” She replied. Thomas’ eyes began to mist.

“Why did we marry just for you to join him and his silly ideas about dead pirates?” She asked. Her tone was dripping in hurt.
“Babe, im doing this for you, for the galaxy. It might not seem likely but Scout is not insane.”
“I don’t want you to do this for me; I want you to come home.” She said. Silence once again engulfed the telephone booth. Thomas ran his hand through his hair dirty blonde hair that went mid-way down his eyes. He then rubbed his bright blue eyes and sighed. He was effectively torn in two by duty and his wife.
“I will see what I can do, babe, but the galaxy hangs in the balance of my decisions. Lt. Scout needs me more than ever right now and-”
“Say no more.” She pleaded through the phone. Thomas wanted to lay on the floor and cry, but Lt. Scout could be coming out any second.
“Babe, I-“ She shushed him once again. “Love you.” He finished. It took a minute for his wife to gather herself but with a sniffle, she replied.
“I love you too.”

There was ten seconds before she broke the silence.
“Go save the universe.”
“I will.” He replied. The phone line went dead. Why can’t I jump on the nearest flight and run to her? Why am I stuck here? Why am I so loyal to Lt. Scout? After all, he hasn’t done that much for me lately. Thomas’ daydream was interrupted by what sounded like rapping on glass. Thomas Jolted up and looked around. An old man was at the door of the telephone booth.
“Excuse me, are you done?” He asked, eyeing the phone that was hanging inches from the floor. Thomas collected himself, then walked out of the telephone booth; not even bothering to reply to the old man.

Thomas looked off into the horizon. How many other couples wound up just like them? With all these colonies going missing he couldn’t help but worry about her. He wanted to pull the old man out to call her back, just to say ‘I love you’ one more time and hear her voice. He wanted to-

His thought process was cut short by someone grabbing his shoulder. Thomas looked over his shoulder to see Lt. Scout standing there looking at him.
“Did you call your wife?” He asked. The conversation briefly flashed through his mind. He nodded in response.
“How did it go?” Thomas sighed,
“It went okay, and you?” Keith frowned
“I don’t have a wife, what are-“
“No, the meeting. I meant the meeting” Thomas clarified, it was difficult not to become agitated. His family problems were not to be taken out upon Lt. Scout.
“Oh…” Lt. Scout shook his head to get any wrong thoughts out of his mind. “Well, I got my point across.” He said with a tone that said, ‘oh well.’

“You got ejected, didn’t you?” Thomas had a blank stare. Keith scout scoffed.
“Who, me? I’m like the most submissive guy you know, I’d never do anything to get ejected.” Lt. Scout lied through his teeth, but Thomas didn’t buy it. He just raised his eyebrow. Keith sighed,

“Yes, I got ejected.” He admitted, then began to walk down the street
“That sounds more like the truth.” Thomas smiled and walked alongside him.
“Did you get ahold of Brian?” Lt. Scout asked, passing by several businessmen and shop owners. Not a lot of Commoners in the Council district.

“No, I never made it back to the room. I just called my wife from the phone booth.”
“You couldn’t even wait to get back to our room?” Keith asked, a grin spreading across his face. The two men made eye contact for a second before it was broken by Thomas.
“Yeah,” Thomas began, “about that.”
“What?” Keith raised his head to make eye contact with Thomas again.
“Well, it’s just that I haven’t seen her in eight months, and I promised her I’d be back by the New Year.”
“Oh, Thomas. Rule one, never make promises you can’t keep.”
“I intend on keeping it, with your approval, of course.” Thomas tried not to beg, but the urge was becoming more powerful. With Lt. Scout’s hesitance to answer it made Thomas uneasy.

“I’ll tell you what.” Lt. Scout began, “I’ll book a flight with Galactic transportation and get her here to Volanca. I will rent you two out a room, and you can spend four days doing whatever you please.” Thomas looked up at Keith and stopped,

“You’re serious?” Thomas asked with a smile beaming from ear to ear.
“Dead serious, C’mon, let’s get that wife of yours on the phone!” Lt. Scout said, returning the smile. They turned a corner and entered the hotel where they were staying.

“You call the wife, I’ll book her flight.” He said, entering the elevator.
“Gee, thanks, Lt. Scout!” Thomas said, rubbing the back of his neck. He waited until the elevator doors closed before bolting to the telephone.

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This next segment will introduce Samantha, tell me when Ya'll are ready.
I'm ready.

Lt. Scout smiled to himself in the elevator. It was the least he could do for the poor chap. Scout had a soft spot for love and poor Thomas hadn’t seen his wife for eight months. Keith’s thank you for your service favor was long overdue.

The elevator doors cracked open and Lt. Scout started for his room. After rounding a corner Lt. Scout saw that housekeeping was cleaning his room. It was odd that they would be cleaning his room when he hasn’t slept in it yet. As Keith Scout got closer he noticed the cleaning lady with a vacuum. Lt. Scout entered the room with caution as the door was left open.

“Hello?” Keith asked the cleaning lady. She jumped and yelped then turned around.
“Put your key in the door.” She stated.
“My wha-?”
“Put your key in the door!” She said again, this time with hand motions. Lt. Scout looked back at the door behind him. He then decided to do as she instructed. Walking to the door he dug in his pocket and pulled out a keycard. He then inserted it into the doorknob and the green light came on. The door made two beeps, signaling that the key was accepted. Lt. Scout looked back to see if the maid was satisfied. She obviously was because she just went back to work. Keith frowned and walked over to the computer.

The computer was on the desk, facing the wall. There was a painting in a glass frame just above the computer hanging on the wall. Lt. Scout spun the chair around and sat in it comfortably. He then relaxed for a second before pushing a button on the small screen. A projected keyboard displays along with a projected screen. Lt. Scout felt something off. He didn’t know what, but something just didn’t feel right. He turned his head out the window to his left to see city buildings as far as the horizon. I wonder how many people are looking at me through a window in another building right now. Keith thought.

The ruffling of metal and plastic was heard in the bathroom directly to the right. But not just any plastic. Heavy duty plastic. Like the kind gun cases are made out of. Oh please, you’re just being paranoid. Keith thought to himself. Instinctively, Lt. Scout looked over, but saw nothing. The lights were on in the bathroom so it was safe to assume the Maid was cleaning in there. With metal and heavy duty plastic? Get over yourself, its nothing. Keith chuckled, all those years of fighting Captain Luis got him paranoid and cautious of every squirrel, every rat, every sliver of carpet in the hotel floor. Keith looked down to see the floor was still just as dirty or clean as he when he got here. The cleaning lady was obviously new.

Here I go again. Keith thought. He shook his head and began searching for an available flight for Thomas’ wife. I never knew her name anyways. Odd, it seems that Thomas would have told me by now. The window came up showing the times for the next flights to Volanca. They nearest date was two days from now and it was twice the cost of a flight four days from now. Keith leaned back in his chair an pressed his hands on his face. When he lowered his hands he was looking at the beautiful painting. The painting displayed the nature that once was here. Now it’s a city.

In the reflection of the painting he saw the maid, approaching him. Whether she was approaching him or just getting ready to clean the window that was next to him, he didn’t know. But what he did notice was the gleaming piece of metal in her hand. Whatever she was holding, she raised it up to his head. It was then clearer then day, she was holding a 9mm silenced pistol. Without thinking, Keith dove onto the bed, rolled across, then off of it and landed on the floor. Three shots were fired from the assailants weapon, landing where? He didn’t know. It didn’t matter. Now all that mattered was stopping her without making him look like the assassin. Keiths mind raced as he thought of his options. He realized that he had stored his gun in the night stand that he was now right beside.

Without a second thought, he opened the bottom drawer of his nightstand and retrieved his gun. He then stood up and leveled it at the assailant who was on the bed just above him. His options flashed through his mind in images and Keiths free hand went flying through the air, in an attempt to grab her gun. He did so, and altered the aim of the weapon just enough so it wasn’t aiming at him. The gun went off and his hand was on the slide.

The slide ripped back and tore a good chunk of the palm of Keith’s hand off. Ignoring the pain, Keith grabbed hold of her weapon, and ripped it out of her hands. Unfortunately, he has always had butterfingers. The gun slipped right past his hand and onto the floor. The maid raised her knee and it connected with Lt. Scout’s face, since she was still on the bed. Keith stammered backwards and fell into the bathroom sink. His world darkened for a second as he saw the maid jump to the ground and bend over to retrieve her weapon. Keith saw this as a perfect opportunity. He raised his gun which was held securely in his right hand. It is said that the loudest sound you will hear in a gun fight is *Click.* Well that is absolutely true. Keith’s gun’s trigger connected with the back of the trigger guard and all that was heard was *Click.* Keith swore in his mind. Or was it out loud? Either way, Scout didn’t really know.

The assailant raised her weapon and pulled the trigger. Lt. Scout dropped the dead weight that he called his pistol and jumped to the right. He saw the mirror shatter as the bullet slammed into it. She came around the corner and Keith found himself looking down the barrel. He instinctively raised his arm above his head horizontally and pushed her arm above his head. The gun went off once again. Shattering glass was heard behind him. Keith brought himself closer to the assailant and punched her in the gut, knocking the wind out of her. He then grabbed her collar and pulled her out of the bathroom with such force she fell backwards onto the bed.

“Keith?” Thomas walked in and found the maid on the bed. She was sweaty and was clenching her chest. Although she was a housekeeper, she was beautiful enough to be a model. She had black hair that went down to her shoulder blades and hazel eyes. She was grinning, but not out of happiness or joy, but out of pain. Keith reached into his coat pocket, unzipped his concealed weapon and pointed it back at her. But when he looked back to hold her at gun point, she wasn’t there.

“What the-?“ Keith’s eyes scrambled around. He looked up to see if Thomas had seen anything, but he too was scrambling for his hidden weapon and didn’t see where she had gone. Keith looked around the room, weapon still leveled.
“Dave, a little help!” A voice called from the bathroom, just behind Lt. Scout. Lt. Scout whirled around, but saw nothing. Only an extremely faint transparent silhouette if his assailant.

Without warning, something slammed into his chest. Instinctively Lt. Scout raised both hands to it. He felt something sharp trying to pierce through his body armor that he always wore underneath his casual clothes. What worried Keith was that it was working. Keith stammered backwards into the bed and fell almost exactly where she had fallen. Thomas didn’t know what to do. He just kept the gun level.

Keith swung a punch into the air, hoping it would hit something, anything. Luckily it did. The punch connected with exposed skin. The image of a beautiful girl in stealth combat gear flashed and rippled into existence. She pushed off of him and fell backwards into the bathroom again.

Freeze!” Thomas yelled, rounding the corner with the gun trained on the assassin. Lt. Scout tried to slow his heavy breathing and looked around. The housekeeper disguise was on the floor in a ball. Lt. Scout examined his assailant carefully. She had a holster where her silenced pistol went, a grapple hook, binoculars and a combat knife. An ear piece lay snug in her ear. A stealth belt more advanced then Keith had ever seen was wrapped around her waist. She slowly reached for the roof at Thomas’ command. Her fingerless gloves reaching for the sky. She looked past Thomas and Scout into the Abyss. Nobody knew exactly where she was looking, but a smile crossed her face. Lt. Scout then saw a small red dot on Thomas’ back.

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