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"Out there...Out there is where you need to be a warrior! And a warrior does not have to be a barbarian! You're acting like a savage. If you truly cared about the situation, you would act with more of a level head I'm sure...regardless of whether or not the Lt. is right, what you're doing isn't the appropriate action!"
Guards approach Kit. "Stand down..."

Ulna nodded at the bug, "Aga is right, even if you and Lt. Scout are right, neither of you are taking the correct approach. I'll give you a chance to make things right if you stand down, and go through the correct procedures."

"Besides, Lt. Scout doesn't know for a fact that he wasn't on his capitol ship, he just assumes." Anderson stated. "I was there."
The Vaxarus platform opens its right arm, and begins calibrating several parts while it waited for everyone to calm down. It doesn't understand why they are all arguing, nor does it understand why they have their anger.
Aer had heard stories about knights, knights of several different races when he was only a tad little chick. But this wasn't how he pictured them. "For a knight, you don't fit how I would have pictured them. Don't you have a code of honor? Because right now you are acting very childish."

Aurora was afraid by what Aer might've done. "Please don't instigate?"

Saevire had the squad search the ship, using a bio-organic thermal tracker. That would help them to find any survivors that might have locked themselves in a safe room, that was when he spotted something interesting. Some kind of Abomination? It looked like as if it was once human?
Kit takes a calming breath. "so do and i have had them disrespected more times than i care to count. one learns to be flexible when you have dealt with as many different races as i have." Kit says clenching her fist to keep herself from her changing her form.
"No, I am approaching this as any knight would, with his weapons sheathed and temper even. You wouldn't like what I can do when I am truly angry. This is not right. The Imperials may not even come back because of this folly. I am a warrior, in all aspects of my life. I explained why I was sent instead of my sister, and maybe father was wrong, because once more I deal with men and women who don't know what combat is or what the odds of survival are for a cunning man."
Three tram rides, two hearty jogs, and one unfortunate, half-beaten-to-death pick-pocket later, Darreus arrives at the entrance of the diner the Lieutentant was supposedly present at, if Daniel's information could be trusted. "Ron's Diner", as it was named, was a fairly run-down place in comparison to most facilities back on Aselious. Cloaked in a black shroud, Darreus gave the small place a quick look over, relishing the rare silence...

Of course, all wonderful things never last forever.

I'm boooooooooooooored!

The sudden eruption of noise made Darreus jump a foot or two, the massive frame of his suit clanging into the entrance ceiling of the small bar. Pausing for a moment to reset the shroud around him, he allowed some of his anger to flow through the mind-link between him and his fellows.

With Jessica hanging in the council room once again, and Daniel happily playing with the electronics and nanites in their ship, it was quite clear as to why the former was quite bored.

Can I mess with what-its-name that you bugged earlier? The nanites should have-



No. Not happening. Terrans are not toys. Just keep tabs on what's going on. I can't be everywhere at once. This isn't Aselious.

A sigh was heard through the link of minds. Cutting off communication rather childishly, the unnoticed observer pulled out a revolver, more specifically a P13, and with the same spare hand, began playing with the mechanisms within...

OOC: You know what to do, Mark. *cackle*
"What you're doing is terrorism. And I expect better from a so-called knight. Now stand down, take off your weapons and armor, stop making petty threats, and calm the !@#$ down. If one says they're calm, it's all the more likely they're not."
OOC: Eh... No, I dont xD


Lt. Scout was talking to someone over a meal. They were obviously talking about something important because there was no smiling going on.


"Can we continue, Lorian?" Ulna asked with a raised eyebrow.


Guards began circling Cayl, Stefan and Kit. "Be advised, we will take your weapons or you will be ejected from the meeting."
"And it's not like you can harm us anyway... Too far away and we made sure this channel was secure. And you should never be angry if you're a warrior, that is your weakness I guess... Easy to anger, and slow to see reason," Aer was trying to set him off to see if he was right about this man.

Aurora just watched it all. "Please stop! This is getting annoying. Can we all just have a peaceful meeting and we abide to their rules? But no, we have to act like children, the sad thing is... I'm already a child! And I'm being more mature than all of you."
Kit turns to the guard. "go ahead do your security check but i assure you i have no weapons on me."
I sigh, shaking my head;
"Is this truly necessary? The weapons I can understand, but the armor is just pointless and a bad idea."
"The holograms are right." I said, glancing towards them. Now, give up your weapons, and let us have a peaceful meeting."
I'd had enough. The bug found himself up in the air, suffocating, and I wasn't touching him. "You will keep your tone even and the cussing to a minimum. We are a new age of knights, and human. I will not stand by and have my people insulted for following their edicts. If the Separatists have issues with this, then I will take my men, and leave, and your cries for help will fall upon deaf ears. I've been patient, but no more. My weapons stay where they are. I trust only those of you in this room I know, and since that is none of you, I don't give them up." I let him down, staring down the guards.
Ulna examined her watch, "Take them." Ulna ordered the guards. The guards began their sweep, using scanners, X-rays, psionics, whatever it took to take every weapon they had.


"If you refuse to give up your weapons then you will be ejected. Leave now or cooperate." Nilus stated.

"And you will be contacted if Aga wishes to press charges." Yuuk decided to tack on. A guard follows up on Aga and asks if he needs medical assistance.
Aurora was yelling at Cayl. "Let him go!" Then seeing that he let Aga go. "Never do that again."

Aer stopped stroking his beak, clear resent in his eyes. "You have dishonored your families name..."
This was the last straw, Aga was feeling threatened, backed into a corner. Out of a small opening in his thickly armored throat, a small tube seemed to come into existence. Suddenly, out of it shot a small bit of highly corrosive and dangerous acid, it moved so quickly that Cayl couldn't avoid it, and it hit him in the leg.

"NOW LEAVE!" I say violently. Then, calm as ever, I turn to the guard, "I will be fine, thank you. Though he will need some." I say, gesturing to Cayl.
CR, that isn't how things work...

"I've given you your warning." A blast of concussive force knocked the guards away and I left and the bug found himself on fire. "Stefan, let's go. Clearly bureaucrats don't grasp the threat that our hosts can leverage if we're all unarmed." I then look at the hologram of Aer. "You're new to the outside world. You'll learn how it is soon enough."
I shake my head;
"You could have handled that a little better, kid."
"I gave them my reasons. Even on Loria we respect the customs of other races. That is ignored here. I told dad I didn't do well with politicians, never have. Why do you think I'm leading the LEU?"

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