Conscientia: Planet of Knowledge Part 2

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{I'll trust your judgment, but I don't like how sure of herself she is. Maybe a little humbling experience is needed.} Rave looked at Jake hard, but he was careful to keep his face in the shadows.

"Jake, what are you planning?" A grin could be seen on his face.

"I'm gonna remove one of her claws."
Resnov leaned back in his personal wraiths chair, smoking. The landscape outside his window was now comparable to a marsh. The war torn ground supported little vegetation, and thus the rain made it in to a mud field.

It was not long before he arrived at the mountain line. He flew for several minutes, until he reached a small valley. His scout had been correct about the strange electro-magnetic readings coming from the valley. It was the perfect site, the ground was soft, the EM field, the surrounding mountains.

It was time to bring in a digging crew.
I need something on your second in command, Duke.
It had been some time before SubCommander Gander Bell was dropped into the colony's walls. He was beginning to run out of credits, and he had still not yet heard of an attack worthy enough to allow him safe passage out of the colony.

Gander decided that the best way to get out, was to sign up for the next mercenary attack wave. All he had to do was slip out of rank when nobody was looking.
Rave and Jake were still waiting when an unfamiliar man walked in. A quick sweep of his mind confirmed who he was. {Joseph, we got the infiltrator. He's one of the Dominion Commander's second in command.} Jake was standing up and approaching the man. He wasn't leaving without squealing first.
Gander noticed a a couple men looking at him. This was, after all, a base full of high potential specters. Gander was not surprised in the least bit when a man swiftly approached him.

Gander sat down on a near bench and pulled out a cigar. When the man was closer, Gander spoke.

"Hello Jake. I suppose you've already 'read' me, or whatever it is that your kind does. I must say, you look taller in person."
Jake chuckles. "I'm just your average soldier with nice little toys. The Spectre is keeping your head in his sights. However, Gander, he did tell my your name, rank, and importance to Resnov. I'll make this easy on you. You tell me why you're here, then why Resnov wants in here so badly, and I'll only break your arms before sending you back to the Dominion."
I grin happily, glad the idiot Terrans have finally let me set up a ive Cluster and I quickly order my Drones to form 5 Hatcheriies as well as Spawning Pools, Hydralisk Dens, Baneling Nests, and everything else I needed to spawn my deadly warriors. To deter any orbital attacks I placed Spore Cannons as well as Spine and Spore Crawlers to deter any raids. I grinned and knew that I would soon be in control of the most powerful force on the planet.
Well Mr. Jake. I doubt you'd send me in one piece back to my buddies, but if you will, I'd be happy to accept such an arrangement.

Truth is, I'm here for a few reasons. I think that you superiors could get a slice of one of Resnov's plans. I also came here for the typical reasons, gather info, stop some contract selling thugs etc. All that damage has already been done, so If you wise, you have your pals listen to my proposition. Consider it an investment.
Mecha, read what TC said about building...
11/18/2012 02:31 PMPosted by Thecommander
if you aren't being attacked, you can start building defenses. I'll decide when they are completed.

Exactly so now you can wait until it finishes building.
"We aren't interested in signing on with the Dominion. What is he so desperate for." Rave, noting Jake had it handled, signaled that he was going to investigate the Zerg. Jake nods and Rave leaves, only to find several Zerg structures in the process of being built. He'd had enough. Finding the leader, he shoved his pistol inbetween her jaws, his eyes glowing.

"He told you to wait you stupid b!tch."
I read it. I know it will take awhile and he said I could set up a Hive cluster.
And you do know that the Spectres can take your entire army within minutes. So you wont have the most powerful army on the world anytime soon. And the only way to create an Overmind is by the fusion of several Cerebrates... Nice try.
OCC: Did you not read that she IS part Overmind. And Zarkun you do realize shes the size of a goliath walker right??? Also Zerg sense of soon and human sense might be a bit different.

IC: I quickly thow him of with a "thwack" from one of my claws. I hiss "I am sorry for the miscommuncation Terran but I am not used to this stupid device you use to communicate!!!!!!" Two Infested flank me, ready to protect their leader incase the Terran attacked again.
And that is supposed to be intimidating? Rave has seen and killed worse, and you never said that, so guess what, you just got shrunk. And nothing is truly part overmind, only has the strain in them. Sorry, Mecha, but we're holding to lore. You aren't a cerebrate, so it isn't possible.
11/21/2012 10:27 AMPosted by MechaGhidrah
Did you not read that she IS part Overmind.
Then that means you can be controlled, just like what the UED did. And she isn't an Overmind, part Overmind is way different... Every Cerebrate was pretty much a mini Overmind...
Actualy I did say that in my Char description she was the size of a goliath.................... Its kindve hard to describe but the Overmind gene made it out as one of the dominant mutations (and anyways she is a bit arrogant when she describes herself) You are correct she can be contrlled considering she is still growing in both mind and body.
You forget the law of plausibility, which says that isn't plausible. Brood Mother or not, you're a hydralisk.
Yes I know shes a Hydra and all that (hats why she wanted to come to this plce in the first place to increase her Psi power so she can command more than a small Brood)

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