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It's Christmas Day and you are terrorizing the Roach? Shouldn't you at least wrap up a bomb in a present?
"Fine." I stick MechaGhidrah in a box and poke some holes in it. I wrap it up in Santa style wrapping. I shake the box a whole bunch then pass it over to Knarled.
You evil diabolical bastard... That pu$$y will be pissed as hell and start clawing him once he opens it. You are a genius!
"Not to mention he will summon an army of cats simply to attack Knarled."
KnarledOne, your time as one of the three heralds of Chaos has been cut short. A certain changeling has reappeared so myself and SF (I asked him, don't worry :3) have decided to kick you out. Your tenure as one of us has been a record 4 days which is even shorter than the time it takes for your RP to go kaput. Good bye.
*Comes into the building, eying everything with a few nods.*
Hmmm... Knarled. I do believe we will have... un unagreement should you shoot me. I do, however, feel that accommodations should be arranged, for the immediate re-breeding of my faithful swarm. My time on Earth seems to have been of some consequence, I see...
"How would you like your throne sirrah?"
I want it on fire, with a pool of acid underneath it, with a few sharks thrown in.
Oh, and make sure the sharks have laserbeams on their heads.
That is all.
*places pinkie to my mouth*
Would you like dolphins instead of sharks? Much more craftier and cuter species.
12/26/2012 04:57 PMPosted by smylez
Would you like dolphins instead of sharks? Much more craftier and cuter species.
And can kill Sharks.
12/26/2012 04:58 PMPosted by CrymsonRaven
Would you like dolphins instead of sharks? Much more craftier and cuter species.
And can kill Sharks.

You're becoming more and more like us CR!
I'm afraid we might need to kick SF out for someone... Newer and fresher.
Because I'm such a gentleman, I changed my portrait so I wouldn't remind HBRB of wfawwer...any minute now it'll change.
Ok, before anyone starts panicking, I let out a whole nest of flesh-eating bacteria. If you find it, make sure to tell me. My Zerg have been breeding them for a while now, and it didn't work that well. It ate a Hybrid before it could blink, and multiplied about 100-fold.
Hah, don't worry. That had been taken care of as soon as I stepped into the building. You all need some lessons in containment.
Here. You'll find them hiding in your closet now. I've reprogrammed them to be scared of light, so they'll starve in there unless you give them somewhere dark... just... don't lock anyone in there with them...
Wait, which closet? There's the one with the prisoners, the one with the Lab, and the one with clothes. I'm assuming its not the Lab. And the Hybrid was containment because it was controlling them with psionics, apparently it let them get too close.
I grab Smylez and smash him into one of his own needle machines and watch as he goes under. I then grab CR by the throat. "You are not insane. You are not chaos. You are simply the one who makes black screen moments happen the most." I smash him into the same needle machine and watch him go under. "Next time he attempts such a thing I will have to throw him into my Shadow Realm. Then his remains can go to the void."
I pick up SF and toss him into a realm of pure Order and Light, his polar opposites and weakness. "You won't be leaving until I say so." I close the portal.
"SF! Why so serious? I was getting his hopes up before I devoured it like a tasty cotton candy."

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